Android Pay Add Credit Debit Card

The number of retailers now accepting NFC forms of payments is growing every day which means there are more opportunities to use Andriod Pay to pay for things. Before you head to the store, though, you should make sure to have your credit or debit card set up in the application.

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Google has been adding new banks to the list of supported credit and debit cards every couple of months so there is a high chance that you can bring your entire wallet into Android Pay.

Follow the below steps to add a supported credit or debit card:

  • Open the Android Pay application
  • Tap the “+” floating action button at the bottom right of the screen
  • Select the Add a credit or debit card option
  • You can now either select a credit or debit card that you have already associated with your Google account or press Add Another Card
  • If you use a previously associated card you will need to confirm the CVC number
  • If you add a new card input the required information
  • Follow the onscreen directions to authenticate the card through your bank
  • If successful, you will have your credit or debit card added to the list of cards in your Android Pay mobile wallet

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