Yesterday, a long awaited feature finally made its debut on Google Photos for Android — video stabilization. While most phones offer live stabilization, some either don’t, or just don’t do it all that well. That’s what Google’s new feature is for, and the results are actually pretty impressive.

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Thanks to a Reddit user by the name of Daniel, we have a pretty large gallery of side-by-side comparisons showing how video stabilization works in Photos.

As noted yesterday, when you stabilize a video in Photos, the app goes through the clip frame-by-frame and crops it to keep the object of the video steady. In these skiing clips, we can see just how impressive this function can be, as the results look pretty fantastic.

In the final clip, though, we can see the flaws shine through, as some very obvious warping makes its way to the final product. We can’t embed most of the videos here on the site, but you can see a sample of the results in the GIFs below, and you can see side-by-side how big of a difference stabilization makes here.

You can also view the full gallery over on Google Photos. Video stabilization is available now in Google Photos for Android.

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