Introduced in 2015, Google is today announcing the next generation of Jump cameras for capturing 3D 360 video. The Yi Halo features 17 4K cameras, while Google is also launching the Jump Start program to get more devices into the hands of filmmakers.

The marquee feature of the Halo, made by Xiaomi-backed brand Yi, is its portability, weighing less than 8 pounds. There are 16 cameras arranged in a ring with a new ‘Up’ camera facing upward to better fully capture a scene.

Shooting at 4K resolution, battery life is rated at 100 minutes of continuous recording. An Android app acts as a remote control and features a live preview tool, with the device also featuring a small screen with the status of each camera, battery life, and other stats.

These rigs make heavy use of Google’s data centers to seamlessly stitch together artifact-free footage in a few hours. The Halo has been built to work natively with Jump Assembler.

The Yi Halo will go on sale starting this summer for $16,999, with units already available for select creators.

At the NAB 2017 convention in Las Vegas, Google announced the Jump Start program with the aim to get more 360 degree equipment out to creators. Filmmakers will be given free access to a rig and unlimited access to Jump Assembler for their projects and films.

There are spaces for 100 creators with applications opening today and closing on May 22nd.

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