jump Stories May 20, 2019

Another day, another Google service on the chopping block. Recently, Google has announced that it will pull the plug on its Jump VR video program, and that includes deleting user data. Here’s how to download your Jump VR data before the servers get axed.

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jump Stories April 24, 2017

Google introduced Jump almost two years ago at its annual developer conference as a 360-degree platform that combined a multi-camera rig and specialized software that stitches it all together. Since that time, Google has worked with GoPro and now Yi to create Jump rigs for the two company’s cameras. If you could, would you purchase a jump camera rig to capture 360-degree videos?

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Google Jump Yi Halo

Introduced in 2015, Google is today announcing the next generation of Jump cameras for capturing 3D 360 video. The Yi Halo features 17 4K cameras, while Google is also launching the Jump Start program to get more devices into the hands of filmmakers.

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jump Stories May 19, 2016


Google has announced today that it is working with Yi Technology to build a 360-degree circular Jump camera rig from its 4K Action Cam, which will launch later this year. On top of that, it has also revealed a new collaborative partnership with IMAX to develop more high-end commercial film production-quality cameras. In other words: Google’s getting very serious about VR (as if we didn’t know that already).

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jump Stories June 25, 2015

Jump On Demand T-Mobile

T-Mobile is upgrading its Jump plan introduced two years ago to allow subscribers to move to new smartphones more frequently than before. The new Jump On Demand option lets you lease a smartphone for a small monthly fee, then trade it in for a new smartphone up to three times per year at no additional cost. expand full story

jump Stories April 22, 2014


T-Mobile recently dropped BlackBerry devices from its catalog and in an effort to motivate its customers to do the same, the magenta-hued carry is offering gift cards of up to $200 to subscribers who JUMP from the fallen platform to a new Samsung device. Now if Samsung devices aren’t your bag, T-Mobile is also offering a gift card of up to $100 when you make the switch to from BlackBerry to any other smartphone.

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jump Stories July 10, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 3.21.50 PM

Just as several rumors suggested, T-Mobile has announced a new anytime upgrade plan at its press event today. ‘Jump’ will allow for customers to upgrade their phone more often than once every two years for an extra $10 a month every month. The plan will allow customers to trade-in their existing devices for a new one at the same or lower price. After a six month waiting period, customers will be able to upgrade their phone twice every year. The club will kick off on July 14th.

JUMP! from T-Mobile is designed to provide customers with total protection for one of their prized possessions: their smartphones. It offers the freedom to upgrade to a new device more affordably and protects against malfunction, damage, loss or theft — all for just $10 per month, per phone (plus taxes and fees). That’s just $2 more than most customers have been paying for handset protection alone.

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