Google AR & VR Stories October 15

The initial Live View concept that Google demoed at I/O 2018 saw the Maps application mark and overlay information over the real world. It was a more full-featured AR experience that was not limited to walking directions. Now two years old, Google is getting ready to fulfill that original vision.

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Google AR & VR Stories October 6

Google last year previewed persistent Cloud Anchors that can be tied to a specific location and lets information be permanently overlaid over the real world. With ARCore 1.20, it’s officially launching with a number of apps already taking advantage. Meanwhile, Google today showed off Earth Cloud Anchors.

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Google AR & VR Stories October 2

At last year’s hardware event, Google stopped selling the Daydream View, while many apps dropped support long before that. Google announced today that “Daydream VR software is no longer supported” and that it ended with Android 11.

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Google AR & VR Stories August 11

For the past several weeks, we’ve been tracking a math solver for Google’s visual search tool. Today, the Google Lens “Homework” filter was officially detailed and it covers more than just equations.

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Google Search adds 3D molecules and more to help teach chemistry at home

We’re well into August, which means the school year is growing ever closer to beginning while many of us are still stuck at home. To help us learn chemistry, Google Search has added a variety of new 3D models showing how certain molecules are formed.

Google AR & VR Stories June 25

Back in December, Google previewed how it could create a depth map for augmented reality using a single camera. The ARCore Depth API is now publicly launching on Android with several third-party apps already taking advantage of the technology.

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