Last month, Google opened up its classroom management software and allowed non-G Suite for Education accounts to join classes. Classroom is now fully available to the public, with personal accounts able to also create and manage classes.

Classroom allows teachers to post schedules online and give out assignments. In turn, students can submit work and collaborate, as well as take quizzes with Google Forms.

Previously, personal Google accounts could only join classes already started by G Suite accounts. Now, any regular user can create classes and manage curriculum. Google cites online education classes, clubs, and other informal groups as being able to take advantage of this wider release.

The free version of Classroom does not have integration with G Suite for Education and as such does not permit full administration of user accounts, email summaries of student work for guardians, and other paid features.

It is still recommended that schools sign-up for G-Suite to issue Google accounts and allow for more control over students.

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