Since its launch last year, Google Home has received a steady stream of third-party smart home integrations and other new features. The latest is the ability to play ambient sounds that can help users relax.

Saying “Help me relax” or “Play ambient noise” to the Home’s Google Assistant will now play one of 15 sounds for an hour or until you issue another command. Users have the option to specify the duration by appending an exact time to the initial task.

Additionally, you can specify that Google Home play a specific sound, with the full list of options accessible by asking “What other ambient sounds do you know?” The full built-in library is below:

  • Relaxing sounds
  • Nature sounds
  • Water sounds
  • Running water sounds
  • Outdoor sounds
  • Babbling brook sounds
  • Country night sounds
  • Oscillating fan sounds
  • Fireplace sounds
  • Forest sounds
  • Ocean sounds
  • Rain sounds
  • River sounds
  • Thunderstorm sounds
  • White noise

This feature should now be live for all Google Home users, though it is only accessible in the United States for the moment.

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