Theming an Android smartphone or tablet is just one of the ways that users can truly make a device their own. While there are now ways to completely theme devices running Android Oreo, it is still not the most user-friendly option. Thankfully, companies like Samsung make theming as easy as tapping on an ‘Apply’ button…

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How to theme the user interface

  1. Go to your Note 8’s Settings menu
  2. Scroll down and select Wallpapers and themes
  3. Tap on Themes located on the bottom taskbar
  4. Here you can view popular themes or select the Search icon and type in a term like ‘Material’ or the color ‘Green’
  5. You can scroll through the different options and tap on each one to find out more about it
  6. When you have selected one, tap on Apply and the theme should be installed and enabled

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