Today, Google officially started to roll out Google Pay, the replacement for Android Pay. This app works as a digital wallet, allowing users to make purchases using NFC on their phone. While more and more retailers now accept this form of payment, adoption just isn’t that high in the US.

Are you someone who uses a digital wallet on their Android device to make transactions?

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As Ben wrote earlier about Google Pay:

With this change in branding comes a new design. Android Pay’s interface was incredibly simple, but functional as well. Google Pay, however, will offer a bit more functionality and organize things a little differently.

While the rebranding and restructuring of the app itself is meant to convince users to use their phones as digital wallets, the most significant selling point for this type of system is security. Instead of swiping your physical credit card at a gas station and getting your data stolen, apps like Google Pay make a unique card number for each transaction.

So, do you use your Android phone as a digital wallet? If so, what app do you use for transactions? Answer the poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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