Earlier this month, Area 120, Google’s in-house incubator, sent out an email asking for beta testers for a new app called ‘Reply.’ Now, just a week later, the smart quick response app’s APK has leaked online for all to enjoy…

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When we first got wind of Reply it appeared as though it was primarily to be used to send quick responses to people and would be compatible with most of the most popular chatting apps. Now that we’ve installed it ourselves, it’s clear that there are so many additional smart features that we weren’t aware of.

During set up, you can give Reply permission to your notifications, your location, and your calendar. Using these, it not only gives you quick responses to messages, but it also mutes your phone while driving, running, etc., automatically responds to tell people you’re on vacation based on your calendar appointments, unmutes your phone when an urgent text comes through, and so much more.

If you want to try out ‘Reply’ for yourself, you can download it right now from APKMirror. If you need help installing the app, make sure to check out our Android Basics tutorial on how to sideload APKs.

A ¬†full hands-on post and video will be coming later this evening. Until then, you can scroll through the below screenshots showing the app’s setup process to learn about every smart feature packed into Reply.

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