Area 120 Stories March 11

One of Area 120’s many experimental apps is a hyperlocal social service for group meetups. Born out of Google’s internal incubator and only available in New York City, Shoelace announced today that it has “decided to pause operations” in response to the coronavirus.

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Area 120 Stories February 13

Google’s Area 120 optimizing games for low-power devices, slow connections with GameSnacks

The Next Billion Users are coming online with low to mid-range devices and slow connections. Google is now working to bring gaming experiences that suit those conditions with Area 120 project GameSnacks.

Area 120 Stories February 5

Area 120 is Google’s internal incubator for experiments, and its latest project is called Demand. This data analytics platform hopes to provide artists, venue managers, promoters, and others in the live music industry actionable insights.

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Area 120 Stories January 29

Google’s Area 120 launches Tangi for minute-long DIY learning videos

Area 120 is Google’s internal incubator for experimental projects that may one day be integrated into an existing service. The latest from Google is Tangi — an app focused on curating do-it-yourself videos for hobbies and other interests that you want to learn.

Area 120 Stories November 5, 2019

Last year, Google’s Area 120 incubator introduced a Waze-like crowdsourcing app for public transit in New York City. Pigeon for iOS is now available in five more US cities, while an Android app is coming.

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Area 120 Stories October 22, 2019

Announced last September, Touring Bird is a simple website that curates things travelers can do on a city-by-city basis. The Area 120 project will be shutting down next month as the Touring Bird team joins Google’s unified Travel initiative.

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