Area 120 Stories October 8

Google brings Grasshopper coding tool online, adds new web class

Grasshopper comes from Google’s Area 120 incubator and the coding tool is today gaining a desktop web client. Previously limited to Android and iOS, it’s now better suited for larger screens and adding new lessons.

Area 120 Stories July 17

Area 120 — Google’s workshop for experimental projects — has produced social networks, travel tools, and educational apps. Recently, the group has veered toward business services, with the latest being Byteboard, an interview tool that measures real-world technical skills.

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Area 120 Stories July 11

Shoelace is a hyperlocal social network from Google’s Area 120

You would think that given the failure of Google+ to really leave much of an indelible mark on the internet, Google wouldn’t be too keen to attempt to build another social networking site. How wrong you’d be, as Google’s more “experimental” Area 120 incubator is creating a hyperlocal social network called Shoelace (via TNW).

Area 120 Stories June 13

Area 120 is “Google’s workshop for experimental projects,” and its latest prototype is Game Builder. The Mac and Windows app is a sandbox for people without programming or artistic experience to create games in a familiar Minecraft-esque environment.

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Area 120 Stories May 14

Rivet launched in beta last year as a “fun and supportive reading app for kids.” Developed by Google’s internal Area 120 incubator, it’s exiting beta today on Android and iOS.

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Area 120 Stories May 1

Area 120 is “Google’s workshop for experimental projects” and its latest service is “CallJoy.” Aimed at small businesses, it is essentially Call Screen for spam blocking and Google Duplex for automated help rolled into one product.

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