Back at CES, we got to check out some of the first wireless Android Auto infotainment systems. Unfortunately, we learned at the time that wireless support would most likely never make its way to older units. But fortunately, a developer has found a way to hack wireless support onto existing systems.

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As first reported by XDA-Developers,¬†Emil Borconi’s¬†project is pretty simple. As the main reason why wireless Android Auto won’t on most of today’s infotainment systems is that they don’t have a Wi-Fi receiver built-in, Borconi’s solution is to just add one. This can quickly be done using an Android TV set-top box or an Android smartphone running a custom-built app.

You can see how this works in the video below. But don’t get too excited yet, because this is still a proof of concept. The project will require more time and work to become fully operational.

The developer has an official thread here where you can follow along with the project and receive updates on its progress.

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