One of the most powerful features of Google Maps has become the crowdsourced reviews available on the platform. Now, Google appears to be testing a method that makes leaving these reviews a lot easier for Android users.

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First noted by Android Police, a test going out to some Google Maps users gives them the ability to rate locations and businesses through a notification. This idea is nothing particularly new, as Maps has been sending out notifications asking for reviews of places you’ve been to for quite some time. However, this new adjustment allows users to leave the rating directly from the notification.

Like the previous notification, this one pops up asking you to “Rate Your Visit” at a location you’ve recently visited. Under that, though, there’s a quick 5-star rating option where you can easily leave a star count for how the location or business was. Once the rating has been left, the notification offers up a shortcut to leave a full review.

It’s unclear how widely this is rolling out. We’ve yet to see it on any of our devices.

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9to5Google’s Take

This seems like a pretty risky idea if you ask me. Businesses with poor ratings can easily lose customers because of it, and with this notification leaving the written review as an afterthought, negative ratings can easily be left without any context. While the convenienceĀ here would surely boost the number of ratings being left, it could easily be abused.

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