A couple of weeks out from the official launch of the Galaxy Note 9, we’ve been getting a lot of new details on the device. Now, some new information regarding accessories for the Note 9 has leaked…

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Courtesy of two reports from WinFuture, we’re learning a lot more about the Note 9’s accessories. Firstly, there’s Samsung’s DeX system. This system first debuted alongside the company’s Galaxy S8 last year and has since shown up on the Note 8 and S9. With the debut of the Note 9, though, Samsung is apparently giving users a lot more flexibility.

On previous devices, a DeX dock add-on was required to bring up this desktop experience. With the Note 9, though, Samsung will apparently let users hook up to the big screen with just a single cable.

A simple USB-C to HDMI cable should allow for a limited DeX experience with users being able to control up to 5 windows at a time. Presumably, Samsung is making this move in order to make DeX a more valuable, convenient tool for showing videos on the big screen. The lack of a dock does away with power and the extra ports, but it also makes everything simpler. It could also end up being a handy tool for gamers. As we first reported yesterday, Samsung is also apparently delivering early access to Fortnite on the Note 9.

Alongside that, WinFuture’s first report mentions that we’ll be seeing the Galaxy Note 9 debut on August 24th. This lines up with a lot of previous rumors we’ve heard and makes sense given the August 9th reveal event. Apparently, pre-orders could be available shortly after the launch event as well.

Further, WinFuture reveals in a second report that Samsung has a larger selection of cases and accessories available for its upcoming phablet. This includes the Clear View Hard Cover, which gives users an easy stand to prop the phone up as well as still showing the always-on display.

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In a similar vein, the LED View Cover shows crucial information through the screen cover. There’s also a typical silicone cover, as well as a bulkier case which has a built-in kickstand. These cases will very likely debut alongside the Note 9.

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This report also shows off a few new renders of Samsung’s new and improved S-Pen. A look at the pen’s hardware doesn’t reveal anything new, but we do get to see it in multiple colors.

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