An increasingly widespread Google Podcasts loading bug seems to be hitting some users lately. Strangely, the recently launched service is failing to refresh or even show any data for some users.

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We were first tipped off to this issue earlier this week, with more reports coming in over the past couple of days. For some users, Google Podcasts is simply failing to show data correctly. The specific circumstances vary from case to case, but the ongoing pattern seems to be that shows or episodes aren’t loading properly.

A few Android Police readers, as well as many users on Reddit, have also reported this problem, with some users actually reporting that things seem to be working as normal when searching for the podcast they want to listen to. One potential cause of this issue could be related to a recent Google app update, the beta version specifically, as some say that rolling back to previous versions seems to help fix the issue.

Still, many users are unaffected by this problem. I’ve not noted it on any of my devices, and others on the 9to5 team haven’t seen the issue personally either. It’s unclear exactly what the cause is, but we certainly hope this Google Podcasts loading bug can be fixed soon.

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