Google Podcasts Stories January 7

The latest Google app beta is rolling out a redesign to the player screen in Google Podcasts. Simplification is the focus with more spacing given to key controls, while other actions are hidden in the process.

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Google Podcasts Stories January 4

Google Podcasts web client adds simple subscriptions feed, matching Android and iOS

Last month, Google Podcasts introduced RSS support for shows that are not publicly listed. The Google Podcasts web experience now has a simple feed, like on mobile, to view all your episode subscriptions.

Google Podcasts Stories December 3, 2020

Last month, Google Podcasts hit 50 million installs on the Play Store, and it’s now letting you “Add by RSS feed” across all platforms. 

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Google Podcasts Stories November 24, 2020

Google Podcasts hits 50 million downloads on Play Store

Considering that the Google Podcasts app is effectively an instance of the Google Search app, the dedicated podcast player has now hit an impressive 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

Google Podcasts Stories October 16, 2020

[Update: Spotify support] Google Assistant adds settings to select default podcast service

Google today lets users set their preferred video, music, radio service for use on Assistant Smart Displays, speakers, and phones. Google Assistant now has a settings page for podcast services.

Google Podcasts Stories September 23, 2020

To the left of most Android homescreens is a personalized feed of articles, YouTube videos, and — increasingly — AMP Stories. Google Discover is now offering episode recommendations from Google Podcasts for some users.

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