Google Photos keeps on developing into one of the company’s most useful products. Now, we’re getting some more details on one of the services – Google Photos Live Albums limits users to 10,000 photos.

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Live Albums, if you’ll recall, allow users to automatically add photos of a specific person or pet to an album as they are taken using the service’s excellent face identification features. It’s a very handy tool, but it does have its limits.

As pointed out by Android Police, Google mentioned on Twitter that the Google Photos Live Albums limit falls at 10,000 photos per album. Notably, this is the same limit placed on normal albums as well.

If you actually manage to hit this limit, the album will simply “pause” and stop adding new images to the album. For obvious reasons, that’s a bit frustrating since it defeats the purpose of the feature.

An easy solution for Google might be to add some further controls to this feature. In its current state, Live Albums adds all photos of the person or pet in question regardless of date, others in the image, or even the quality of the photo. Adding some filters may help those who actually manage to hit this limit. Of course, many may not ever actually hit 10,000.

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