Since launch, YouTube Music has slowly added new features including UI tweaks and Queue changes last month, as well asĀ Sonos speaker integration. However, Google’s music streaming service is still frustratingly missing functionality as evidenced by the latest addition: adding full albums and playlists to other playlists.

Over the past few days, YouTube Music expanded the availability of the “Add to playlist” button. It was previously only available for individual songs, and therefore users had to add one at a time.

It now appears in the overflow menu for albums, playlists, and other recently added Top 100 Charts. Adding entire albums to a playlist is an obvious use case, but playlist to playlist transfers are also useful for creating new ones or reorganizing your library. Additionally, YouTube Music publishes a lot of curated playlists and this adds another way to save them.

YouTube Music lacking this feature at launch is surprising, but Google likely assumed that users would also be using the “Add to queue” option. Regardless, the ability to add songs en masse to playlists is highly useful.

The Add to playlist button is widely rolled out with version 2.69 of YouTube Music on both Android and iOS. However, it is not yet available on the web, though it should be coming soon as all three platforms tend to maintain feature parity.

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