bills Stories May 15, 2014

Google Now updated with bill pay reminder


Google Now has been updated with a slick new feature that will remind you to pay your bills based on emails in your Gmail inbox. Notifications cards will display a bill’s payee, amount owed, due date and an option to display the email that the information came from. It’s not clear how many bill collectors are supported at this time, however Google Now gets payee information by scanning emails in your Gmail account, so you’ll need to have some type of online correspondence set up with the companies that you wish to pay.

Google Now features typically roll out silently, so there shouldn’t be any update prompts, however it never hurts to make sure that your device is rocking the latest version of the Google Search app.

(via Android Police)

bills Stories March 29, 2014


Since its release, Google Now has added a plethora of features, such as improved traffic capabilities, voice commands, and much more. According to a new report from Android Police, the service will be receiving yet another new capability in the near-future that will help you remember to pay your bills.

According a person familiar with the matter, Google Now will soon add an interface that will remind you of upcoming bills, including how much they will be for. The feature, which will be integrated into the classic Google Now card interface, will also include a link to easily pay the bill online.

The screenshot below is a mockup of the interface based on the available information. The latest update to the Search app also includes hints at this feature, some of which were used to help make the mockup. As you can see, the card shows the amount due, the minimum payment, and any other information.

Android Police says the source for this feature is very reliable and that their “confidence level” with this report is a 9/10. It’s unclear when this feature will launch, but given that there is already code appearing the Search app, we shouldn’t have to wait too long.

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