Carsifi Stories December 21, 2022

Carsifi adapter for wireless Android Auto is now available on Amazon for $89

Wireless Android Auto adapters arrived en masse in 2022, with Carsifi being a solid option for those with more than one driver in their vehicle. Now, the Carsifi adapter for wireless Android Auto has arrived on Amazon, making it a bit easier to buy.

Carsifi Stories September 20, 2022

Wireless Android Auto was once a feature that required buying a high-end car or aftermarket head unit, but it’s become far more accessible over the past couple of years, thanks to adapters. AAWireless started the ball rolling, and the Motorola MA1 further pushed the idea to the mainstream. Carsifi, too, has been available for some time and shares a lot in common with those other Android Auto adapters but with one neat trick alongside it.

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Carsifi Stories April 29, 2022

Wireless Android Auto is incredibly convenient, but it’s still relatively rare to find this feature built into your vehicle. However, a simple wireless Android Auto adapter makes it incredibly easy to add the functionality — here are some of the biggest questions about the products.

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Carsifi Stories August 19, 2021

Android Auto gets another crowdfunded dongle to add wireless support to your car

Wireless Android Auto ups the convenience factor for Google’s in-car platform, but support in vehicles is still incredibly scarce. The first dongle designed to easily add support for the feature to existing cars made its way to market last year, and now, another is making its debut with “Carsifi,” a “Wireless Android Auto adapter.”

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