ChatON Stories December 19, 2014

Samsung finally closing its least-used bloatware, chat service ChatOn

Samsung is finally closing its chat service ChatOn, service ceasing on 1st February in most countries, lingering on for around a month longer in the US, reports Engadget.

Despite claiming 100 million users last September, analytics data suggested it was the least-used pre-installed app on Samsung phones, and that it averaged only six seconds of use per month – suggesting that many users opened it either accidentally or just to see what it was.

The company says users will have the chance to backup chat data before the shutdown.

ChatON Stories September 30, 2013

Samsung says ChatON now at 100 million users, up 50 million since May

Samsung announced today that ChatON, the company’s chat service that comes preinstalled on many of its mobile devices, has now passed the 100 million subscriber mark. That’s up around 50 million users in fourth months since first hitting 50 million subscribers in May, according to Samsung. The press release notes that ChatON has been experiencing growth in markets such as India and China, but doesn’t say how many active users the service has:

ChatON was designed in-line with Samsung’s drive to deliver products that meet specific local needs in different markets. In India for example, ChatON has seen exponential growth as the service supports 10 regional dialects, with plans to support 13 dialects by the end of 2013. Additional features such as the Ramadan Anicon have helped boost its popularity in the Middle East.

It’s important to note that this certainly doesn’t mean active users, and with ChatON currently preinstalled on Samsung’s most popular devices– the Note II & III, Galaxy S4, etc– there’s no telling how many users signed up and only tried the service once.

ChatON is also available on other Android devices, iOS, Windows Phone, and PCs, as well as in 63 different languages, but Samsung didn’t share details on how many subscribers it has on each platform.

ChatON Stories October 18, 2011

Samsung today announced in a blog post that its free instant messaging service named ChatON is rolling out worldwide. The service will first arrive to Samsung’s Bada-driven devices, Android smartphones and selected feature phones starting this month, via Android Market and Samsung Apps stores. They will release the app on other platforms “by the end of 2011”. The company wrote:

ChatON provides users with a simple way to keep in touch with friends and family anywhere in the world, regardless of device platform. It enables users to communicate in multiple ways, allowing multimedia content and animated messages, as well as more conventional instant messages, to be shared with friends and family.

As we told you, the ChatON service has been conceived as a proprietary messaging service for multiple mobile platforms. Similar to the BlackBerry Messenger and Apple’s iMessage – both of which support free instant messaging over a mobile IP connection – ChatON too supports text, images, group chat and video clips. Unlike rival IM platforms, ChatON also does hand-written notes, animated messages and social features allowing users to give their buddies so-called “Interaction Rank”. In addition, Samsung will be taking ChatON to competing platforms like Research In Motion’s Blackberry OS and Apple’s iOS, guaranteeing mass market appeal and cross-platform messaging.

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