Chrome Enterprise Stories December 10, 2020

Google joins enterprise-focused Modern Computing Alliance and reiterates push for PWAs

Announced today, the Modern Computing Alliance brings together Google and other big enterprise players to “address the biggest IT challenges facing companies today with integration from silicon to cloud.” 

Chrome Enterprise Stories January 30, 2019

Chrome OS is gaining traction across all industries, especially education, with Google Cloud today highlighting the deployment of Chromebooks at Square. Known for its mobile-based payments reader, the company is offering Pixelbooks to new employees and piloting with the design team.

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Chrome Enterprise Stories July 17, 2018

Google has found great success with Chrome OS in education given the affordability, easy management, and simplicity. In parallel, the company is continuing to push G Suite adoption in the enterprise market. The latest effort involves a Chromebook loaner program that companies can set up internally for employees named “Grab n Go.”

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Chrome Enterprise Stories August 22, 2017

Chromebooks have made great headway into the education space over the past several years. Google is now trying to replicate that success with large businesses by launching a new Chrome Enterprise subscription service that aims to drive Chrome OS adoption in corporate environments.

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