Google Workspace Stories November 25

At I/O 2022, Google announced that it will update over 20 of its first-party apps for large screens in a show of its commitment to the form factor. This will undoubtedly improve the experience for existing owners and is meant to encourage other developers to do the same. Here’s every Google app on Android that has a tablet update and what’s still to come.

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Gmail for web getting improved and more contextual search results

Improved Gmail search is an evergreen user request, and Google last introduced better search suggestions courtesy of updated ML models. Gmail is now using recent searches to improve results in the web app.

Google Workspace Stories November 15

Google Chat will let you schedule Do Not Disturb

In addition to custom durations, Google Chat will soon let you schedule a recurring DND (Do Not Disturb), which are useful for lunch breaks and the weekends.

Google Workspace Stories November 8

This year, Gmail on the web has undergone two big updates and the integrated redesign with Material You is now set to fully replace the previous iteration. 

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Google Workspace Stories November 3

Back in April of 2016, Google updated Calendar for Android and iOS with a tool to help you find time for personal goals. Amid another upcoming removal, Google Calendar is planning to get rid of “Goals.”

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Google Workspace Stories October 31

Google Drive gets improved file access expiration functionality

For Google Workspace customers, Drive lets you set an expiration date when sharing files, and the capability is now picking up a pair of usability enhancements.

Google Workspace Stories October 25

After launching in Europe this August, Google Workspace Individual is now available in 12 new countries and comes up with much more storage at 1TB. 

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Google Workspace Stories October 20

Google improving Gmail search with labels and related results

Google is rolling out a trio of features to improve the search experience in Gmail with labels and related results. Chat also gets some upgrades with AI-generated summaries and inline threading for Spaces.

Google Workspace Stories October 19

Amid the work-from-home era, Google’s Area 120 incubator released Threadit to boost team collaboration with video messages that could be replied to at any time. This project is shutting down soon, but the Threadit team is joining Google Workspace.

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Google Workspace Stories October 11

At the Cloud Next 2022 developer and partner conference, Google is detailing the latest features coming to Workspace across Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Chat, and Docs.  

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Google Workspace Stories September 20

As we’ve been expecting since June, Google is “simplifying [its] task management solutions by migrating Assistant and Calendar Reminders to Google Tasks.”

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Google Workspace Stories September 19

Google wants to better optimize first-party Android widgets for tablets, but in the meantime an update to the Gmail widget has made everything smaller.

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Google Workspace Stories September 16

Google Chat rolling out the ability to send multiple photos and videos at once

The last Hangouts client (web) will stop working in November, and Google will be all-in with Chat at that point. The latest updates to Google Chat include the ability to send multiple photos and videos simultaneously.

Google Workspace Stories September 14

Google Workspace branding comes to Keep and other Android apps

In recent months, “Google Workspace” branding has been appearing on more Android splash screens, and Google Keep is now the latest example.

Google Workspace Stories September 9

The drip of new Google Keep features continues today with a “dual pane” view on Android tablets and foldables.

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Google Workspace Stories August 29

Google Docs now has an easy way to add emoji

Earlier this year, Docs on the web introduced emoji reactions and Google is now making it very simple to insert emoji as you’re writing. 

Google Workspace Stories August 26

Google Meet is getting a rather nifty shortcut that lets you unmute yourself by holding down on the space bar. 

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Google Workspace Stories August 25

Google Sheets adds XLOOKUP, Named Functions, and a few other advanced features

Google Sheets is giving power users a boost this week, as the Excel alternative has just picked up XLOOKUP and several other long-missing features.

Google Workspace Stories August 24

Gmail web search will now surface Spaces from your Google Workspace

Google’s push to make Spaces a better Slack or Microsoft Teams competitor continues by making them discoverable in Gmail search on the web.

Google Workspace Stories August 22

In recent days, the Meet merger widely rolled out to Google Duo for Android and iOS. Google is now readying to start the next phase where the Meet icon and name replaces Duo’s following a mobile app update.

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Google Workspace Stories August 18

Google Workspace Individual for single-person businesses is now launching in Europe and doubling the number of countries where it’s available.

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How to alphabetize data in Google Sheets

Google Sheets, much like Excel, is a great tool for storing and organizing data in a legible and comprehensive way. But what good is data if it’s all over the place? This quick tutorial will give you a step-by-step guide on quickly alphabetizing data in Google Sheets.

Google Workspace Stories August 17

Google Docs checklists can now be assigned and appear in Google Tasks

Enterprise Workspace users can now assign checklists in Google Docs and have them appear in their or a coworker’s Google Tasks list.

Google Workspace Stories August 16

Google Meet now shows how much background noise is being removed

A small update to the Google Meet UI will help indicate how much noise cancellation is active and how loud your background environment is.

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides now offer individual control over accessibility settings

Google products are generally well-equipped when it comes to accessibility tools, but Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are now picking up an enhancement to their existing tools.

Google Workspace Stories August 15

Google Meet background effects get more accurate and add cloud processing

Google is rolling out a pair of updates to Meet on the web that improve the accuracy and minimize the performance impact of background effects.

Google Workspace Stories August 9

After launching for Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides, Workspace client-side encryption (CSE) is coming to Google Meet.

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Google Workspace Stories August 8

There was a little bit of truth when people – especially in the early days of mobile – said that the iPhone was the best place to use Google apps. That’s definitely not the case today on Android phones, but I think a part of that argument rings true when comparing Google web services running on Chrome for Mac/Windows versus ChromeOS. Fortunately, that’s starting to change on Chromebooks as seen with one-click Google Calendar integration.

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Google Workspace Stories August 2

Gmail’s new Material You redesign: How to revert to the original view

Last week, Gmail’s web version started rolling out a brand-new Material You redesign that takes a lot of cues from Android 12 as we know it. Depending on your theme, Gmail will take on a unique look in your browser. But what if you’re not in love with the new look? That’s no problem; there’s an easy way to revert back to the original view in Gmail.

Google is now more widely rolling out Gmail’s Material You redesign – first announced last month – on the web while also teasing that a tablet revamp is coming later this year.

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Google Workspace Stories July 29

A bug that started overnight (PT) sees “Google For Education iOS users with an under-18 age settings” (i.e., K-12 and equivalent students) unable to access Gmail or Google Drive though the iOS apps.

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Google Workspace Stories July 28

Back in June, Google announced that it was merging Duo with Meet in a migration that’s currently underway. As part of that, Google’s first “Meet” app is now called “Meet (original)” with a different icon.

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Google is bringing Gmail’s email template layouts and multi-send capabilities to more Workspace users, just as they did with appointment scheduling in Calendar earlier this year.

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Google Workspace Stories July 26

Back in May, Google updated the UI for Calendar’s working locations to make it less obtrusive, and is now enabling the feature by default for Workspace users.

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Google Workspace Stories July 25

At I/O 2022, Google announced that over 20 first-party apps would be optimized for tablets. We’ve already seen a handful of launches since May, and Google Drive, Docs/Sheets/Slides, and Keep are now set to receive updates that improve multitasking on Android tablets. 

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Google Workspace Stories July 21

The ability for Google Meet to YouTube livestream is rolling out to personal Gmail accounts and several other Workspace tiers.

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Google Workspace Stories July 20

Google Calendar combating invite spam with ‘Only if the sender is known’ option

Touted as a way to keep your “Calendar free from spam,” Google is adding the ability to only have events appear if they come from a known sender. 

Google Workspace Stories July 19

With the Duo migration underway, Google continues to add more enterprise-focused features to Meet. The latest lets Google Meet participants ask questions and answer polls anonymously.

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In addition to comments, Google Docs will soon alert you to content additions and removals with edit notifications. 

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Google Workspace Stories July 18

Google’s early years were marked by a spate of experimental apps under the “Google Labs” banner. The company today added a curious setting for enterprise admins to control “experimental Google Workspace apps.”

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Google Workspace Stories July 13

Google Meet adds new whiteboard tool with third-party ‘Miro’ [Update: Live]

In addition to first-party apps, Google Workspace wants to integrate third-party tools into a user’s existing workflow. Google Meet now has another whiteboarding option with Miro.

Google Workspace Stories June 30

Google Workspace Individual was announced a year ago as an upgrade for one-person businesses that have been using accounts to run their companies. Subscribers will soon get access to eSignature support in Google Docs.

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Google Workspace Stories June 29

In an unexpected development, Javier Soltero announced this evening that he’s leaving Google after nearly three years as head of Workspace and later consumer messaging.

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How to use Google Docs new ‘Pageless’ feature

We live in the cloud. That’s just how things are now. Pages are being printed less often and most of our work is done online and shared with others through programs like Google Drive. To embrace that shift, Google Docs has added a feature called “Pageless” editing. Here’s how it works.

Google Workspace Stories June 28

Google announced today that Material You is coming to Gmail on the web in a redesign that also addresses complaints about the integrated view overhaul from earlier this year by introducing a “Gmail-only” view.

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Google marks Small Business Week with $199 Chromebook, 3-month Workspace trial

For this year’s International Small Business Week, Google is offering product discounts on Workspace and an HP Chromebook, as well as a “Heroes of Small Business sweepstakes.”

How to use ‘Google Tasks’ to create to-dos and get stuff done

There are plenty of task programs out there, and many of them work perfectly fine. Some of them work really well, given what they can do and how they can integrate with other apps and programs. Google Tasks, for instance, not only reminds you on the device you set it up with, but it also reminds you everywhere else you have a Google Account set up. This guide will take you through the basics of using Google Tasks more effectively.

Google Workspace Stories June 23

Google Tasks will let you easily print out to-do lists

After adding the ability to star, Google Tasks will soon let users print out a list of their to-dos on the web. 

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