Google Workspace Stories May 23

Google Chat messages getting convenient ‘Add to Tasks’ shortcut

Google already lets you create and assign tasks in Google Chat Spaces, and the integration is now going deeper with the ability to create a personal task from any message.

Google Workspace Stories May 19

Google is bringing its bright red warning banners to Chat in order to guard against invites that contain potential phishing and malware links.

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On the Google My Activity page, one of the very first controls shown is Web & App Activity. Google will soon break up that setting with a new “Workspace search history” preference.

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Google Workspace Stories May 16

Back in April, Google delayed when G Suite legacy free-edition users had to start paying for Workspace. The company will now let you stay on a “Free Legacy Edition of G Suite for personal use” as the “no-cost” alternative in a rather notable policy change.

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Google Workspace Stories May 13

Google Chat brings back Gchat-era orange idle status

A small tweak rolling out to Google Chat brings back the idle status (orange bubble) that was originally found in Google Talk, which was colloquially referred to as Gchat.

Google Workspace Stories May 11

Similar to last year, Google Workspace has a presence at I/O 2022 and used it to announce features across Meet and Chat, as well as Docs.

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Google Workspace Stories May 10

Google Calendar working locations no longer look like all-day events

One of the ways Google Calendar supports hybrid work is by letting employees note their working locations, and an upcoming tweak will make that UI less obtrusive.

Google Workspace Stories May 4

Google Docs and Sheets getting native integration with SAP S/4HANA Cloud

At today’s virtual Workspace Summit, Google announced an expanded partnership with enterprise software giant SAP that sees Docs and Sheets integrate with S/4HANA Cloud.

Google Workspace Stories May 2

Smart canvas is Google’s push to boost integrations between its family of Workspace apps. In Google Docs, dropdown chips and table templates are the latest additions meant to boost productivity.

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Google Workspace Stories April 26

Google is updating the toolbar menus that appear in the Docs web client with a focus on making it “easier to locate the most commonly used features.” 

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Google Workspace Stories April 21

In addition to offering user-facing apps, Google Workspace gives companies the ability to manage their employees’ devices. Google Workspace admins now have more control over Android app updates on work devices that use managed Google Play.

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Google Workspace Stories April 14

Google recently redesigned and tweaked the Google Contacts app on Android. The app has a new menu where users get tools to manage their contacts, allowing them to import and export as well merge and restore Google Contacts. These tools were available in some capacity before but were out of sight and mind. So how do you use them? This guide will break it down.

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Google Workspace Stories April 12

As announced at the end of last month, Google Meet is now built into Docs, Sheets, and Slides with a prominent new button that’s rolling out from today.

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Google Workspace Stories April 7

Google Meet centralizes host controls, will auto remove you from empty calls

Following last week’s preview of what new Meet features are coming soon, Google today introduced two usability tweaks. Google Meet can automatically exit a call when nobody else is around, while host management controls are getting centralized.

Google Workspace Stories April 5

Google announced in January that “G Suite legacy free edition” accounts would have to start paying for Workspace this year, but that’s now being slightly delayed. Meanwhile, those opting for the no-cost option will soon have to join a waiting list to avoid payments.

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When editing another person’s document, Google today lets you leave a comment or suggest edits. Google Docs on the web will soon support emoji reactions as a “less formal alternative to comments to express your opinions.”

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Google Workspace Stories March 31

In addition to Smart Compose, grammar corrections, and spelling autocorrect, Google Docs is now rolling out writing suggestions that feature a purple underline to help with tone, style, and word choice.

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Alongside a slew of Meet announcements, Google Voice is getting a pair of new capabilities, most notably call recording, for enterprise subscribers. Google also previewed what’s coming to Spaces this year.

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When G Suite was rebranded to Google Workspace in 2020, the company teased that Meet was coming to Docs, Sheets, and Slides. That Google Meet integration is now coming along with desktop web Picture-in-Picture (PiP), in-call reactions and more.

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Google Workspace Stories March 25

With the small business-focused Workspace Individual tier last year, Google Calendar gained appointment scheduling. Google is now bringing Calendar booking pages to the other enterprise and education Workspace tiers. 

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Google Workspace Stories March 17

Available now, Google Sheets has greatly expanded how much data you can fit on a single spread, with a whopping 10 million cell limit.

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Google Workspace Stories March 15

As previewed in February, Google Docs on the web is getting a rather nifty template for drafting emails that features Gmail integration. This is part of Google’s @-menu and Smart Canvas push.

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Google Workspace Stories March 2

At the start of last week, Google began rolling out the “new view” redesign of Gmail on the web. It has now hit our accounts, and here’s a look at how it works, as well as other details we’ve found while using it this afternoon.

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Google Workspace Stories February 28

Google is working to make Spaces in Chat more versatile and feature rich. It will eventually replace Currents, and Google is now rolling out features like setting Space Managers and guidelines.

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Google Workspace Stories February 23

Google Workspace Migrate tool for account admins is now generally available 

Google Workspace Migrate is the result of a 2017 acquisition that hit beta two years later. The tool is now generally available to let admins assess, plan, and conduct migration projects from third-party enterprise services.

Google Workspace Stories February 16

How to search like a pro in Google Drive

Google Drive is an excellent tool for managing and storing files. Integrated with the rest of Google’s G Suite – soon to turn into Google Workspace for free users – Google Drive on the web has a lot of potential for productivity if managed right. This guide will take you through how to use search chips the right way in Google Drive.

Google Workspace Stories February 15

Like email, the experience of searching through files can always benefit from improvements. For its part, Google Drive is in the process of beta testing search chips to “help users refine their search and locate files faster.”

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One of the first major announcements at I/O 2021 was Google’s initiative to offer a more integrated and interactive Workspace experience. The latest “Smart canvas” features are now here, including AI summaries in Google Docs.

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Google Workspace Stories February 14

At the end of last month, Google officially detailed the “new integrated view” for Gmail on the web. This redesign is now rolling out for the first Gmail users, including those with personal Google Accounts.

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Google Workspace Stories February 7

Google Calendar making it easier to manage overdue ‘pending’ tasks 

Besides events, Google Calendar is getting ever deeper task integration. The latest lets you “easily see and manage your overdue tasks” from a new “Pending” section in Google Calendar for Android, iOS, and web.

Google Workspace Stories February 3

Google’s latest move to boost Workspace targets businesses that have existing email systems, but do not have access to modern productivity apps. The big selling point of Google Workspace Essentials Starter edition is how it’s free with “no limited trial period.”

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Google Workspace Stories January 31

After teasing last year, Google today finally detailed how the “new Gmail view” redesign is rolling out on the web over the coming weeks and months. 

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Google Workspace Stories January 27

The migration from “G Suite legacy free edition” continues today with Google quietly noting that it will offer the ability to transfer “your non-Google Workspace paid content and most of your data to a no-cost option.”

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Google Workspace Stories January 26

Last week, Google announced that all G Suite legacy free edition users will have to transition and start paying for Workspace starting in July. This has upset non-business users that signed up for G Suite 16 years ago with their domain, and Google is now reaching out to these legacy personal users.

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Google Workspace Stories January 24

Google Docs now lets you create ‘Confidential,’ ‘Draft,’ and other text watermarks

Back in September, Google added support for uploading image watermarks in Docs and is now making it easy to create your own background text identifiers.

Google Workspace Stories January 19

In 2020, G Suite became Google Workspace as part of a mass reorganization of the company’s apps for the “future of work.” Various plans were migrated over, and Google is now finally getting rid of the G Suite legacy free edition.

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Google Workspace Stories January 13

Back in June, Google previewed a second screen experience for video conferencing. Google Meet’s Companion Mode is now beginning to roll out “when joining a meeting using Google Meet hardware or the Nest Hub Max.”

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Back in 2019, Google introduced real-time video call transcriptions and has since added support for more languages. The next step sees Google Meet beta test live translated captions. 

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Google Workspace Stories December 30, 2021

Back in August, Google updated Tasks for Android and iOS with tabs that let you quickly jump between lists. The instance of Google Tasks that exists in the web sidebar of Gmail, Docs, and other Workspace apps now looks to be getting a similar redesign, as well as the ability to favorite items.

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Google Workspace Stories December 21, 2021

Google Voice is primarily aimed at enterprise, and many of its new features are for paying Workspace customers. However, starting today, regular Google users in the US will also benefit from the addition of Voice “rules” for call forwarding and other custom actions.

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Google Workspace Stories December 13, 2021

Google Calendar updates setting for preventing unwanted invitations from appearing

Google has “improved” the Calendar setting responsible for preventing unwanted event invitations from automatically appearing in your schedule.

Google Workspace Stories December 10, 2021

Google is making a text box/compose field tweak to the Chat mobile and web apps that sees the Workspace communication service look more like the consumer Messages client for SMS/RCS. 

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Google Workspace Stories December 7, 2021

Google Docs making it easier to customize and edit tables

While Google Workspace offers Sheets, people still use Docs to create inline tables. Google is now letting you better create and customize tables in the Docs web app with a handful of upgrades.

Google Workspace Stories December 6, 2021

Back in September, Google previewed how Chat will let you make one-on-one Meet calls without having to use URLs. Similar to classic Hangouts, this feature is now rolling out in the version of Google Chat inside Gmail.

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Google Workspace Stories December 2, 2021

On Monday, Google made Workspace available “for everyone” with free, personal accounts able to turn on the integrated Gmail experience with Chat and Rooms — soon to be called Spaces. Alongside that, Google Workspace branding now appears on the Gmail web client.

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Google Workspace Stories November 17, 2021

One way of making the endless torrent of personal and work video calls more palatable is by setting unique backgrounds. Google Meet on the web is introducing new “immersive backgrounds” that attempt to give your surroundings some life.

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Google Workspace Stories November 16, 2021

Google Meet calls hosted by premium Workspace tiers now support up to 500 participants

Remote work is here to stay, and Google Meet is accommodating that by adding support for video meetings with up to 500 participants on select Workspace tiers. 

Google Workspace Stories November 15, 2021

One aim of the Workspace suite for Google is to adapt to the “future of work,” including the growing popularity of hybrid working arrangements. As such, Google Calendar meeting invites will soon let you specify how you’re attending.

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