Google Workspace Stories November 17

One way of making the endless torrent of personal and work video calls more palatable is by setting unique backgrounds. Google Meet on the web is introducing new “immersive backgrounds” that attempt to give your surroundings some life.

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Google Workspace Stories November 16

Google Meet calls hosted by premium Workspace tiers now support up to 500 participants

Remote work is here to stay, and Google Meet is accommodating that by adding support for video meetings with up to 500 participants on select Workspace tiers. 

Google Workspace Stories November 15

One aim of the Workspace suite for Google is to adapt to the “future of work,” including the growing popularity of hybrid working arrangements. As such, Google Calendar meeting invites will soon let you specify how you’re attending.

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Google Workspace Stories November 8

In 2019, Google started testing a review and approval system for Docs, Sheets, and Slides. After the two-year beta period, “formal document approvals” are now rolling out to Workspace users.

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Google Workspace Stories November 6

How to use Google Drive for desktop app to backup files and photos

Google Drive is a powerhouse of a file storage system. It makes it easy to save documents and other data that can be transferred to other Google apps as well. Fortunately, Google makes it easy to access Drive straight from your desktop – whether Mac or PC.

Google Workspace Stories November 3

Like email, the experience of searching through files can always benefit from improvements. For its part, Google Drive is in the process of beta testing search chips to “help users refine their search and locate files faster.”

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Google Workspace Stories October 29

Google bringing back Gmail’s old Compose button on the web

Earlier this year, the unified Gmail web client replaced the Material Theme “Compose” button. Google is now reverting that decision following user feedback. 

Google Workspace Stories October 21

After detailing what’s new for enterprise in Android 12 at the start of this month, the Android Enterprise team is now teasing upcoming capabilities, like expanding Work Profile availability to Google Workspace.

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Google Workspace Stories October 20

Google Docs getting universal @ menu for inserting content, ‘Add page break before’

The latest update to Google Docs makes official the “universal @ menu” that’s part of Workspace’s “Smart canvas” initiative. Meanwhile, there will be a new “Add page break before” option.

Following a Material You redesign and new homescreen widgets on Android, Google Calendar is getting a new “Focus time” event type.

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The integrated Gmail web experience that combines Chat, Spaces, and Meet is due for a navigation redesign. Until then, Google is rolling out a slew of updates to the compose UI on the web client.

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Google Workspace Stories October 18

Google Chat adding ‘mark as unread’ for DMs and Spaces

Google is rolling out a simple but rather useful ability to “mark as unread” in Chat. This capability is already found on competing team messaging solutions, and doubles as a light reminder system. 

Google Workspace Stories October 12

Cloud Next is Google Cloud’s annual conference for enterprise customers and developers, and this year’s virtual edition is kicking off later today at 9 a.m. PT. Google Workspace announcements at Cloud Next ‘21 are primarily centered on security.

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At Cloud Next ’21, Google announced “Work Safer” as a one-stop offering for small businesses, enterprises, and public sector institutions looking to equip and protect employees amid hybrid work. 

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Google Workspace Stories October 5

Following the big Android app update that brought a Material You redesign and new widgets, Google Calendar is adding a nifty shortcut on the web to create meeting notes.

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Google Workspace Stories October 4

The Gmail side panel today provides quick access to Calendar, Keep, and Tasks. Google is now bringing Contacts to the sidebar for Workspace and personal customers using Gmail. 

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Google Workspace Stories October 1

Compared to the last design language revamp, Google’s rollout of Material You is happening at a much faster pace. That Material You app update blitz comes amid a barrage of Pixel 6 advertising and that’s no coincidence. It’s the sign of a well-under-way vision at Google that has been sorely missing.

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Google Workspace Stories September 27

Compared to other redesigns, Material You for Google Calendar is very straightforward, but the widgets do benefit from one handy tweak.

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Google Workspace was announced at the start of October as a rebrand of G Suite and revamped approach to office-less productivity. As part of these changes, all of Google’s Workspace apps are seeing new icons, with the rollout now underway.

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On Chromebooks, you can access most Google services with either the website or the Android app. Google today updated Gmail for Android on Chrome OS with the latest Material You redesign, but more importantly the latest app icon.

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Google Docs getting wider comment boxes, background watermark support

The Google Docs web client is adding support for background watermarks, while comment boxes in the sidebar are getting wider to let you read more feedback per line.

Back in 2019, Google introduced real-time video call transcriptions and has since added support for more languages. The next step sees Google Meet beta test live translated captions. 

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Google Workspace Stories September 24

Over a one-month period that ended in late November, Google rolled out updated logos for the vast majority of Workspace apps. Google Tasks was left off the list, but that’s now being rectified with a new icon.

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Google Workspace Stories September 20

The most full-featured Gmail experience is still found on the web, but the mobile apps continue to pick up more and more capabilities. Gmail for Android is now gaining “improved search” through a set of filters. 

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Google Meet for web gets automatic brightness boost when you’re underexposed

Recent updates to Google’s main video conferencing service have made it easier to set visual effects and detect echos. Google Meet is now bringing brightness adjustments to the web client following the introduction of a low-light mode on mobile last year.

Google Workspace Stories September 16

In announcing that Keep is getting a Material You redesign, Google yesterday failed to mention that new widgets were also inbound. We’ve since enabled them, and they’re absolutely fantastic. 

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Last week, Google announced that Material You is actively rolling out to the key Workspace apps on Android, including Drive. The Google Drive redesign also brings along new widgets including a quirky and large X-shaped one.

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Google Workspace Stories September 15

After debuting Material You revamps for other Workspace apps earlier this month, Google is today announcing that Google Keep is next in line for the update.

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Google Workspace Stories September 9

Google Meet adds visual effects panel to set background blur, images on the web

Video effects are useful for both personal and work calls. Google Meet is now making it easier to set visual effects on the web with a new settings panel.

Google Workspace Stories September 8

Google’s rename of ‘Rooms’ in Chat and Gmail to ‘Spaces’ is now underway

Back in June, with the announcement that Workspace is available “for everyone,” Google revealed that “Rooms” in Chat would soon be renamed to “Spaces” and gain a slew of new features. That rebrand is now underway.

While text chatting with classic Hangouts is still possible today, Google has killed most of the legacy service’s video calling features. Google will soon restore a familiar capability that lets you make direct calls using Meet without having to generate a link ahead of time.

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Google Workspace Stories September 3

Google wants to build tools for the future of (hybrid) work with Workspace. To that end, Google Workspace is acquiring the team behind Playspace.

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Google Workspace Stories September 1

Google continues to add more features to Chat as it becomes available for more and more people ahead of the classic Hangouts depreciation. The Google Chat web app is now integrating Tenor GIF search.

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Google Workspace Stories August 30

To help employees better manage their day, Google Calendar is introducing new “Time Insights” that let paid Workspace users see “how [their] time is spent across meetings and collaborators.”

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Google Workspace Stories August 26

Google Tasks is a straightforward organization tool that’s tightly integrated with Gmail, Calendar, and other Workspace apps. A small redesign of Google Tasks for Android and iOS introduces tabs that let you quickly jump between lists.

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Google Workspace Stories August 19

The process of shutting down classic Hangouts for Workspace users is almost complete, as Google this week enables the integrated Gmail with Chat and Rooms for even more paid accounts.

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Google Workspace Stories August 18

Workspace admins can now limit external Google Chat to specific teams, domains

Last year, Google Chat added support for talking with users outside their company, thus expanding from being just an internal team communication tool. Google Workspace admins are now getting the ability to limit that external Chat access.

Google Calendar already lets you specify your working hours and earlier this year added support for split schedules. Google is now letting users share day-to-day locations in Calendar amid the increase of hybrid work environments.

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Google Workspace Stories August 12

With Chat serving as a key part of the integrated Gmail experience, Google lets users quickly specify their activity status. In addition to the existing availability options, you’re now able to set a custom status in Gmail and Chat on the web.

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Google is rolling out a handful of new features for Meet that focus on improving safety and security. Namely, the ability to have co-hosts in Meet calls is coming to more Google Workspace users.

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Google Workspace Stories August 4

Google Meet getting another whiteboarding option with third-party ‘Miro’ tool

In addition to first-party apps, Google Workspace wants to integrate third-party tools into a user’s existing workflow. Google Meet will get another whiteboarding option with Miro next year.

Google Workspace Stories August 2

Last month, Google announced a revamp of all its emoji — nearly 1,000 characters — coming to Android 12 this fall and Chrome OS 92. These new emoji designs are also set to arrive in Google Chat over the coming weeks.

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Google Workspace Stories July 28

Google today announced a “Security update” for Drive to “make file sharing more secure.” This is part of a broader company-wide change that also affects YouTube and will impact the productivity app on September 13, 2021.

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Google Workspace Stories July 26

Google Chat conversations let you quickly schedule a Calendar event, add a file from Drive, or start a Meet call. The secondary file and image-sharing options in Google Chat can now be disabled by Workspace admins.

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To increase its enterprise standing and encourage adoption, Google Cloud today announced “Google Enterprise APIs” that will be governed by a stricter policy in regards to when the company changes or deprecates them.

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Google Workspace Stories July 24

Back in March, Google made Assistant generally available for all enterprise accounts on Android. Workspace users will soon be able to use Google Assistant on the Nest Hub Max and other dedicated devices.

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Google Workspace Stories July 23

As of last month, all personal Google Accounts can enable the new Gmail that supports Chat and Rooms. The latter aspect, which will soon be renamed to “Spaces,” allows for large-scale productivity. Gmail now supports opening a Google Slides presentation directly to allow for multitasking with Chat. 

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Google Workspace Stories July 19

Google modernizing Workspace Status Dashboard, improving outage alerts for admins

Downtime among Google’s largest services is typically rare, but it does occur from time to time. Google is now updating the Workspace Status Dashboard and other tools that admins can use to keep track of outages.

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