developer preview 2 Stories April 14, 2016

dev-preview-2-lead Just a few weeks after the first preview arrived, the 2nd dev preview of Android N has landed. So that you get the first time user experience, I flashed my device and set it up as new. The changes from dev preview 1 are immediately visible, even in the initial setup process.

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developer preview 2 Stories April 13, 2016


Over a month ago, Google introduced the Android N Developer Preview for Nexus devices, the Pixel C, and one lonely Android One device. Now, Developer Preview 2 has just dropped, which squashes several bugs, and adds support for the Vulkan 3D rendering API, launcher shortcuts, and Emoji Unicode 9. Those who have already enrolled in the Android Beta Program will get an OTA update shortly, but if you’re impatient like us you can download new factory images right now.

Keep reading for our complete list of all the changes in Developer Preview 2…

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developer preview 2 Stories July 9, 2015


It was back at Google I/O 2015 that the company released the first developer preview of the upcoming Android M, and now, right on cue, the company has released the second developer preview. Just like we did with the initial release of M, it’s time to dissect developer preview 2 and really figure out what kind of progress the Android engineers over in Mountain View have been making over the last few weeks. And based on our initial impression, it looks like a lot has changed — and for the better… expand full story

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