Google AI Stories August 15

From writing and collaborating in Docs to using Search for research and Calendar to track due dates, Google products are extensively used by today’s students. With Socratic by Google, the company is trying to play a more active role in helping older students study.

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Google AI Stories May 16

Google says Android Live Transcribe can technically detect farts, but it won’t (for now)

Machine learning powers a slew of features across Google’s apps and services. The company spent I/O 2019 and today highlighting various accessibility use cases. That happened to spur a discussion on Twitter that concluded with Google acknowledging that Android ML fart detection is technically in the realm of possibility.

Google AI Stories April 16

With the Pixel 3, the Google Camera app gained a number of AI-powered features like Night Sight, Top Shot, and Photobooth. The latter is essentially Google Clips running on a phone, with the mode adding automatic kiss detection.

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Google AI Stories March 27

The U.S. military and other Washington officials are still upset over Google pulling out of Project Maven last year. However, another sticking point was Google’s work — at the time — on censored Search in China. That criticism recently reemerged with Sundar Pichai meeting President Trump and other top military brass today to allay fears about Google’s relationship with China, especially in regards to AI.

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Google AI Stories March 26

Google names external advisory council to guide artificial intelligence usage

Last year, Google published its AI Principles in response to Project Maven backlash and revealed plans for an external advisory group. The company today announced an Advanced Technology External Advisory Council (ATEAC) to consider “complex challenges” related to AI, like facial recognition.

Google AI Stories March 20

First AI-powered Google Doodle celebrates Bach and creates harmonized melodies

Following yesterday’s Spring (or Fall) Doodle that also appeared in the Pixel Launcher’s search bar, Google is celebrating Johann Sebastian Bach. This music making experience is Google’s first AI-powered Doodle, and lets users create a harmonized melody in the style of the Baroque composer.

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