Google AI Stories June 24

The March Feature Drop introduced a slew of features like Cards & Passes, play/pause with Motion Sense, and dark theme scheduling. The Pixel 4 picked up support for a firm press gesture that serves as a quicker alternative to long pressing. Google AI today detailed the machine learning work behind it.

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Google AI Stories May 19

While many have moved on to wireless earbuds in recent years, Google is experimenting with something new. Google’s experimental “I/O smart braid” uses a fabric cord to send controls to a connected smartphone all through the cable on headphones.

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Google AI Stories April 2

As we’ve been busy bringing all manner of 3D Animals and AR objects into our homes during the COVID-19 lockdown, Google has added a neat new feature called Art Transfer to the Arts & Culture app that turns your photos into classic works of art.

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Google AI Stories March 25

As machine learning and artificial intelligence usage proliferates in everyday products, there have been many attempts to make it easier to understand. The latest explainer comes from Google and the Oxford Internet Institute with “The A to Z of AI.”

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Google AI Stories February 17

From writing and collaborating in Docs to using Search for research and Calendar to track due dates, Google products are extensively used by today’s students. With Socratic by Google, the company is trying to play a more active role in helping older students study.

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Google AI Stories February 15

Google ‘AutoFlip’ uses AI to resize videos for any aspect ratio

We consume a lot of video content nowadays, but more importantly, we’re consuming that content on a wider variety of devices than ever. It can be tough for content creators to keep up with every device you’re watching that content on, but there are solutions. Earlier this week, Google AI announced “AutoFlip,” a tool that automatically resizes videos to fit any aspect ratio.

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