Google AI Stories July 27

“Look and Talk” for the Nest Hub Max launched at I/O 2022, and Google has now detailed how exactly the camera-based, “Hey Google” replacement works. 

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Google AI Stories June 22

In addition to Imagen, Google has another text-to-image generator called Parti that also strives for photorealism but by using a different family of generative models. 

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Google AI Stories June 12

Over the weekend, a Google engineer on its Responsible AI team made the claim that the company’s Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA) conversation technology is “sentient.” Experts in the field, as well as Google, disagree with that assessment.

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Google AI Stories May 23

In recent weeks, the DALL-E 2 AI image generator has been making the waves on Twitter. Google this evening publicized its own version called “Imagen,” and it pairs a deep level of language understanding with an “unprecedented degree of photorealism.”

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Google AI Stories May 12

Transform music into something a little bit crazy with Google’s Tone Transfer tool

This year at Google I/O 2022, Google showcased a lot of breakthroughs in new AI tech and security. One of these cool advancements from a couple of years ago made its way to the stage in the pre-show. It’s called Tone Transfer from Google’s Magenta team, and it lets you turn normal instruments or sounds into something completely different.

Google AI Stories May 11

AI Test Kitchen puts the power of Google’s language processing in your hands

An upcoming demo app, AI Test Kitchen, puts Google’s latest natural language processing into three fun demos usable on your phone.

Google AI Stories November 9, 2021

Project Relate is a Google research effort to “help people with speech impairments communicate more easily with others and interact with the Google Assistant.” It’s actively looking for public English-speaking testers from four countries.

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Google AI Stories October 28, 2021

Google Research today announced a next-generation AI architecture called “Pathways.” This “new way of thinking about AI” is meant to address current “weaknesses of existing systems.”

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Google AI Stories June 1, 2021

The human brain is one of the most complex structures in existence. Google, in collaboration with Harvard University, today released a browsable 1.4-petabyte reconstruction of a very small part of the human cortex.

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Google AI Stories November 18, 2020

Trees play an important role in lowering street-level temperatures, especially in cities with heat islands that have a host of environmental issues. To help prioritize and make planting more efficient, Google has released the Tree Canopy Lab.

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Google AI Stories November 12, 2020

The ability to hum a song to Google was the breakout hit of last month’s Search keynote. In a blog post today, Google explains how the machine learning that powers Hum to Search works.

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Google AI Stories October 28, 2020

Artificial intelligence has the potential to make significant contributions in healthcare and medicine. Google Health and Mayo Clinic are now exploring how to leverage AI during the cancer radiotherapy treatment process.

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Google AI Stories October 27, 2020

One area artificial intelligence can have a deep impact on is climate predictions. Google already has a number of weather efforts, and this month launched an AI partnership with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Satellite and Information Service (NESDIS) to enhance analysis of the US agency’s satellite and environmental data.

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Google AI Stories June 24, 2020

The March Feature Drop introduced a slew of features like Cards & Passes, play/pause with Motion Sense, and dark theme scheduling. The Pixel 4 picked up support for a firm press gesture that serves as a quicker alternative to long pressing. Google AI today detailed the machine learning work behind it.

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Google AI Stories May 19, 2020

While many have moved on to wireless earbuds in recent years, Google is experimenting with something new. Google’s experimental “I/O smart braid” uses a fabric cord to send controls to a connected smartphone all through the cable on headphones.

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Google AI Stories April 2, 2020

As we’ve been busy bringing all manner of 3D Animals and AR objects into our homes during the COVID-19 lockdown, Google has added a neat new feature called Art Transfer to the Arts & Culture app that turns your photos into classic works of art.

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Google AI Stories March 25, 2020

As machine learning and artificial intelligence usage proliferates in everyday products, there have been many attempts to make it easier to understand. The latest explainer comes from Google and the Oxford Internet Institute with “The A to Z of AI.”

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Google AI Stories February 17, 2020

From writing and collaborating in Docs to using Search for research and Calendar to track due dates, Google products are extensively used by today’s students. With Socratic by Google, the company is trying to play a more active role in helping older students study.

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Google AI Stories February 15, 2020

Google ‘AutoFlip’ uses AI to resize videos for any aspect ratio

We consume a lot of video content nowadays, but more importantly, we’re consuming that content on a wider variety of devices than ever. It can be tough for content creators to keep up with every device you’re watching that content on, but there are solutions. Earlier this week, Google AI announced “AutoFlip,” a tool that automatically resizes videos to fit any aspect ratio.

Google AI Stories February 6, 2020

Waymo Content Search can find billions of objects encountered over 20M miles in seconds

As of early 2020, Waymo self-driving vehicles have driven 20 million miles on public roads. That makes for vast amounts of recorded sensor data to improve the autonomous system. Waymo today detailed its Content Search tool and database with billions of encountered road objects.

Google AI Stories January 28, 2020

Chatbots were all the craze last decade, and they’re now commonly found when interacting with support lines. Today, conversational agents are a bit limited, and Google is working towards a human-like chatbot “that can chat about anything.”

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Google AI Stories January 19, 2020

In his first big public move since being appointed the CEO of Alphabet last month, Sundar Pichai today called for AI regulation to govern how the promising new technology is leveraged.

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Google AI Stories January 13, 2020

ML has the potential to be applied to every field. Google today shared research on “Machine Learning for Precipitation Nowcasting from Radar Images” that hopes to tackle how forecasts for localized rain storms and other short-term weather events are still “particularly challenging.”

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Google AI Stories December 18, 2019

Earlier this month, the Pixel 4’s excellent Recorder app became available for older Google phones. The company today detailed the machine learning powering the entirely on-device transcription tool.

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Google AI Stories December 16, 2019

Thanks to the second rear camera, Google was able to improve Portrait Mode on the Pixel 4 after relying on a single lens for two generations. The Google AI team today detailed how it’s leveraging both techniques for better depth estimation and bokeh, as well as how to take the best portrait images.

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Google AI Stories December 10, 2019

One of the more notable Smart Display announcements at this year’s CES was the Lenovo Smart Clock. Its latest software update allows the Assistant smart device to create contextual “Impromptu” alarm ringtones by leveraging machine learning.

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Google AI Stories May 16, 2019

Google says Android Live Transcribe can technically detect farts, but it won’t (for now)

Machine learning powers a slew of features across Google’s apps and services. The company spent I/O 2019 and today highlighting various accessibility use cases. That happened to spur a discussion on Twitter that concluded with Google acknowledging that Android ML fart detection is technically in the realm of possibility.

Google AI Stories April 16, 2019

With the Pixel 3, the Google Camera app gained a number of AI-powered features like Night Sight, Top Shot, and Photobooth. The latter is essentially Google Clips running on a phone, with the mode adding automatic kiss detection.

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Google AI Stories March 27, 2019

The U.S. military and other Washington officials are still upset over Google pulling out of Project Maven last year. However, another sticking point was Google’s work — at the time — on censored Search in China. That criticism recently reemerged with Sundar Pichai meeting President Trump and other top military brass today to allay fears about Google’s relationship with China, especially in regards to AI.

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Google AI Stories March 26, 2019

Google names external advisory council to guide artificial intelligence usage

Last year, Google published its AI Principles in response to Project Maven backlash and revealed plans for an external advisory group. The company today announced an Advanced Technology External Advisory Council (ATEAC) to consider “complex challenges” related to AI, like facial recognition.

Google AI Stories March 20, 2019

First AI-powered Google Doodle celebrates Bach and creates harmonized melodies

Following yesterday’s Spring (or Fall) Doodle that also appeared in the Pixel Launcher’s search bar, Google is celebrating Johann Sebastian Bach. This music making experience is Google’s first AI-powered Doodle, and lets users create a harmonized melody in the style of the Baroque composer.

Google AI Stories March 18, 2019

Google Calendar for Android, iOS adding AI-powered meeting room suggestions

In recent months, G Suite has added a number of machine learning-powered features to boost end-user productivity. After launching on the web last year, automatic room suggestions are coming to Google Calendar for Android and iOS.

Google AI Stories March 12, 2019

One of the more impressive announcements that Google made at I/O 2018 was “Lookout.” This app helps the visually impaired see by pointing their phone at objects and getting verbal feedback. Lookout for Android is now available for the Google Pixel.

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For the past several releases, Gboard for Android has been working on “faster voice typing” that works offline. Google is today making it official on Pixel phones, and details the “end-to-end, all-neural, on-device speech recognizer” it created.

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Google AI Stories February 25, 2019

For the past three years, Google and Verily have leveraged machine learning to screen for the two leading causes of preventable blindness in adults. In India, this algorithm is now being used in a clinical setting, while the European Union has certified it as a medical device.

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Google AI Stories February 11, 2019

A report yesterday revealed that the upcoming Google Maps AR navigation mode is first being tested with Local Guides. Google is now detailing the “global localization” technique behind the feature and how it leverages a Visual Positioning Service, Street View, and machine learning.

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Google AI Stories January 31, 2019

Speech synthesis technology has advanced a great deal in recent years, with neural networks from DeepMind doing an especially good job of creating realistic, human-like voices. Like with any technology, it can be abused and Google is working to advance state-of-the-art research on fake audio detection.

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Google AI Stories December 20, 2018

Top Shot is one of the many AI-powered camera features Google introduced with the Pixel 3. Google AI is now detailing how the smart feature works and what qualities your phone is looking for when it suggests an alternate frame.

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Google AI Stories December 18, 2018

Google opening new AI lab at Princeton University to foster academic collaboration

Over the past year, Google AI has opened a number of research facilities around the world. The latest will be a lab at Princeton University to foster collaboration with the academic community.

Back in June, Google released AI Principles — in response to Project Maven backlash — that codified how artificial intelligence would be used in research and products going forward. The company is now detailing additional initiatives and processes that it implemented to ensure that all guidelines are enforced.

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Google AI Stories December 13, 2018

The potential uses for AI are vast with Google already applying it to consumer products and services for third-party developers. These APIs include natural language processing, TTS, and image recognition. However, unlike other companies, Google does not offer facial recognition technology and that absence is on purpose.

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Google AI Stories December 6, 2018

Last month, Google Translate received the Google Material Theme on the web along with a responsive design. In line with other company-wide efforts to “promote fairness and reduce bias in machine learning,” Google Translate will now provide feminine and masculine translations for some gender-neutral words.

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Google AI Stories November 29, 2018

Google details ML-powered depth-sensing improvements to Pixel 3’s Portrait Mode

Unlike other smartphone cameras that feature a Portrait Mode, the Pixel line gets by with only one rear camera. With the Pixel 3, Google turned to machine learning to improve depth estimation and “produce even better Portrait Mode results.”

Google AI Stories October 29, 2018

From Call Screen on the Pixel 3 to Gmail Smart Reply, machine learning is already being used in everyday Google products. The company has also been encouraging adoption with various courses and start-up programs. With the Google AI Impact Challenge today, Google is committing resources and $25 million to address societal challenges.

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Google AI Stories October 18, 2018

Google Machine Learning Crash Course adds lesson on ensuring AI fairness

Earlier this week, Google announced that it was piloting a machine learning intensive for college students. Today, its broader Machine Learning Crash Course is adding a new training module on fairness when building AI.

Google AI Stories October 15, 2018

One of the most impressive camera tricks that Google introduced with the Pixel 3 last week is Super Res Zoom. The Google AI team behind the feature detailed the technical aspects today, and how Google wants to challenge the idea that digital zoom is “the ‘ugly duckling’ of mobile device cameras.”

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Google AI Stories October 10, 2018

As we noted last night, the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL deliver delightful hardware that is noticeably more refined than last year. Beyond the physical devices, a key part of Made by Google is the “AI + software” experience, with the Pixel 3 debuting a handful of new Google AI-powered features at launch.

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Google AI Stories September 25, 2018

Google is leveraging machine learning throughout all of its products from bilingual support in Assistant to productivity optimizations in Drive, and even to cool data centers. The company is now tapping AI to improve flood forecasting as part of Google Public Alerts.

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