Google AI Stories December 20, 2018

Top Shot is one of the many AI-powered camera features Google introduced with the Pixel 3. Google AI is now detailing how the smart feature works and what qualities your phone is looking for when it suggests an alternate frame.

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Google AI Stories December 18, 2018

Google opening new AI lab at Princeton University to foster academic collaboration

Over the past year, Google AI has opened a number of research facilities around the world. The latest will be a lab at Princeton University to foster collaboration with the academic community.

Back in June, Google released AI Principles — in response to Project Maven backlash — that codified how artificial intelligence would be used in research and products going forward. The company is now detailing additional initiatives and processes that it implemented to ensure that all guidelines are enforced.

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Google AI Stories December 13, 2018

The potential uses for AI are vast with Google already applying it to consumer products and services for third-party developers. These APIs include natural language processing, TTS, and image recognition. However, unlike other companies, Google does not offer facial recognition technology and that absence is on purpose.

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Google AI Stories December 6, 2018

Last month, Google Translate received the Google Material Theme on the web along with a responsive design. In line with other company-wide efforts to “promote fairness and reduce bias in machine learning,” Google Translate will now provide feminine and masculine translations for some gender-neutral words.

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Google AI Stories November 29, 2018

Google details ML-powered depth-sensing improvements to Pixel 3’s Portrait Mode

Unlike other smartphone cameras that feature a Portrait Mode, the Pixel line gets by with only one rear camera. With the Pixel 3, Google turned to machine learning to improve depth estimation and “produce even better Portrait Mode results.”

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