Google One Stories January 7

Google One may soon offer free trials of increased storage

The latest update to Google Photos points to the app offering a free trial to Google One’s increased storage quota.

Google One subscribers in UK can now get 3 free months of YouTube Premium

One of the major benefits of being a Google One subscriber is the random and sometimes impressive freebies, the latest such “gift” for UK-based users is three months of free YouTube Premium.

Google One Stories December 18, 2020

A Google Photos storage system “mistake” this year resulted in image and video uploads being “inaccurately” counted towards your cloud storage quota. This Photos issue, which is now fixed, was present throughout 2020 and Google is offering a refund for One storage during that period.

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Google One Stories December 15, 2020

Last month, Google announced that Photos would drop free unlimited backups as part of cross-service changes to storage that also impacts Docs/Sheets/Slides. This means that more people will be paying for cloud space, and Google One is now getting a significant price cut on higher-tier plans.

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Google One Stories December 10, 2020

[Update: Available again] Google One for Android loses quick settings toggle to enable VPN

Earlier this year, Google One introduced a VPN for Android users on the 2TB+ subscription plan. At launch, it could be enabled from quick settings, but the latest Google One app update has oddly removed the VPN tile.

Google One Stories December 3, 2020

With a 2TB (or higher) Google One subscription, you get 10% back on all Google Store purchases. It’s supposed to arrive 30 days after an order has shipped, but Pixel 5 pre-orderers have yet to be credited. Google told us today that Pixel 5 Store credits will be available by Friday.

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