Google One Stories June 19

Back in May, Google announced that it would be revamping its cloud storage offerings and bundling it with customer support and more under a new “Google One” umbrella. Although its app was released shortly after that, the switchover hadn’t gone live, until now.

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Google One Stories May 24

Google One app is now available on the Play Store, still not quite live though [Gallery]

Earlier this month, the search giant announced that it would be simplifying it cloud storage plans by introducing Google One. Despite it not being launched for several more months, the Google One app is now live on the Play Store.

Google One Stories May 14

Google is revamping its cloud storage offerings to better reflect the rise in high-res images and 4K video, especially due to Photos, while also integrating family plans. “Google One” features simplified plans that are cheaper and also give subscribers other benefits, like deals and better customer support.

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Google One Stories May 4

Google might be planning to revamp its long-forgotten ‘One Today’ app at I/O 2018

Google I/O 2018 kicks off next week, and now we’ve managed to get our hands on a new app icon for what we believe could be an entirely new version of a Google app you’ve probably never heard of: One Today. All we have is the icon for now, but a dramatic refresh of an app icon design like this one could point to a full revamp of the app itself — especially since it’s one that’s long been forgotten…

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