Google Cloud Speech-to-Text Stories April 22

Since 2017, Google Cloud has offered a Speech-to-Text (STT) API that third-parties can take advantage of in their own services. The newest models for Google speech recognition improve accuracy due to a “major” technology improvement, and are particularly suited for creating voice UIs.

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Google Cloud Speech-to-Text Stories February 21, 2019

Google makes Cloud Speech-to-Text more affordable, adds additional languages & voices for Cloud TTS

Last October, Google made Cloud Text-to-Speech with realistic WaveNet voices from DeepMind available to all developers. Updates to Cloud TTS and Speech-to-Text today introduce additional languages, voices, and more affordable pricing models.

Google Cloud Speech-to-Text Stories August 28, 2018

Google Cloud Text-to-Speech now open to all developers w/ more WaveNet voices

Given the rise of smart speakers and other devices that talk back to you, text-to-speech (TTS) is an important technology. Google’s solution for third-party developers is now generally available with new languages and features. Meanwhile, Cloud Speech-to-Text is also gaining new beta features.

Google Cloud Speech-to-Text Stories July 24, 2018

Earlier this year, Google launched Cloud AutoML Vision in alpha after unveiling at I/O 2017 as a way for neural networks to design better neural nets. At Cloud Next 18, Google is launching AutoML Natural Language and AutoML Translation in beta, along with other updates to core services.

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Google Cloud Speech-to-Text Stories April 9, 2018

Google Cloud Speech-to-Text updated w/ tailored video/phone models & auto punctuation

Following last month’s Cloud Text-to-Speech update that added more natural voices through DeepMind WaveNet models, Google is now revamping the inverse of that API. Cloud Speech-to-Text is today gaining its “largest overhaul” for business clients since it launched in 2016.

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