Google Public DNS Stories August 13, 2018

The Domain Name System (DNS) protocol is responsible for turning user-friendly domain names like into the numerical IP address understood by computers. Back in December 2009, Google Public DNS launched and the service just celebrated its anniversary, while teasing upcoming announcements in light of increased competition.

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Google Public DNS Stories February 14, 2012

Google has announced on their Official Google Blog that Google DNS is now the world’s largest DNS service, processing a whopping 70 billion requests a day. Google’s DNS efforts make for faster load times if you choose to use the service. Google describes DNS as, “If you had to look up hundreds or thousands of phone numbers every day, you’d want a directory that was fast, secure and correct.”

We launched Google Public DNS in December 2009 to help make the web faster for everyone. Today, we’re no longer an experimental service. We’re the largest public DNS service in the world, handling an average of more than 70 billion requests a day.

Google also dropped word that they currently have over 10 million users using the service. 70% of Google DNS’ traffic comes from outside of the United States, with key markets being North America, South America, Europe, and an emerging Asia.

Not using Google DNS? Check out how.

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