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Waymo leads autonomous race with lowest human driver takeover rate

Waymo has a rather sizable advantage in the self-driving field. An order for “thousands” of more cars was announced yesterday, as the Alphabet division plans to soon launch a public ride service in Arizona. That lead is backed up by stats, with a report from the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) noting the lowest disengagement rate among competitors.


Baidu opens self-driving car R&D center in Google’s backyard, hires Tesla Autopilot engineer


Baidu, China’s most popular search engine, like its US-based counterpart Google, is heavily investing in autonomous driving technologies and today it officially announced the launch of a self-driving car R&D center in Silicon Valley, right in Google’s backyard.

The company expects its team will grow to over 100 researchers and engineers by the end of the year. The company already moved several of its staff from its newly-created Autonomous Driving Unit (ADU) to Sunnyvale and recently hired a Tesla Autopilot software engineer. Expand

Google self-driving cars would have caused 10 accidents in 2015 without test drivers taking control


Google published today its annual report on disengagements of autonomous mode for its self-driving car program (SDC), which is required by California’s DMV. The report details events where Google’s test drivers have taken control over the car’s autonomous system, whether it’d be because of a shutdown due to technology failure or for safety reasons.

After having driven over 1.3 million miles in autonomous mode, Google’s self-driving cars were involved in 17 reported accidents, but the company prides itself of not having been at fault in any of them. But with today’s report, we learn the self-driving cars would have caused 10 accidents during the past year if test drivers wouldn’t have disengaged the system and taken controls. Expand