Google+ Sign-In Stories June 25, 2021

Twitter may soon let you connect your Google Account

Twitter is working to make it possible to sign in to your account through a connected Google Account.

Google+ Sign-In Stories December 13, 2018

Google Sign-in screen now fully adopts the Google Material Theme

The Google Material Theme was announced at I/O 2018 alongside Material Theming. Google’s take on the new design language is characterized by stark white backgrounds, bolded icons, and Google Sans. One element new to the visual revamp is an outlined text field that is now available on the Google Sign-in screen.

Google+ Sign-In Stories November 17, 2016

Google+ Sign-In method for third-party apps and services finally being replaced

After going all in with Google+ a few years ago, there are still many remnants of those efforts. Google is finally deprecating Plus as a means to sign into third-party apps and services. Developers are being encouraged to adopt the new Google Sign-In method with its improved user experience.

Google+ Sign-In Stories April 29, 2013


Google is finally pulling the plug on the Meebo Bar, a tool for web publishers that allowed website visitors to interact with the site and share content, on June 6 … expand full story

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