After going all in with Google+ a few years ago, there are still many remnants of those efforts. Google is finally deprecating Plus as a means to sign into third-party apps and services. Developers are being encouraged to adopt the new Google Sign-In method with its improved user experience.

The simplified Google Sign-In experience features updated log-in buttons that match the company’s latest branding and features the standard multi-colored ‘G’ logo. A redesigned consent screen on Android and the web shows the exact information that will be provided to the third-party service. By default, only account name, email, and profile photo will be shared.

More significantly, using Google to sign into third-party services no longer requires the creation of a G+ profile. As such, all accounts will automatically be able to use the sign-in method.

Developers are encouraged to migrate to the new method by using the latest libraries and updating the branding of the sign-in button. Upcoming versions of SDKs on all platforms will replace the Google+ branded assets with the new Google branding. The Guardian is an example of a major app that has adopted these updates and has seen twice as many people use Google Sign-In.

These changes only effect new users. Regardless, services who continue to use the older method will see changes with new sign-ins no longer being asked to share social graph data with third-party apps. Google has already provided alternatives to access contact information, as well as for the Plus People and Games Players APIs being replaced next year.


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