Google Material Theme Stories September 17

With several major services updated to the Google Material Theme since I/O 2018, the latest to feature it is a common everyday utility. The redesign of Google Calculator includes a tweaked color palette that is expectedly very bright and makes great use of Google Sans.

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Google Material Theme Stories September 5

Briefly showed off on stage at I/O 2018, Google Photos is now the latest app to gain a Google Material Theme. Today’s Google Photos 4.0 update is focused on implementing the brighter look and various new icons, with primary navigation remaining unchanged.

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Google Material Theme Stories September 4

Google Chrome was unveiled on September 1, 2008 as a “new open source browser” focused on speed and simplicity. Ten years later, its 69th version is launching today with a brand new design, faster browsing experience, and new security features.

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In recent weeks, the Google Material Theme has permeated through more and more of the company’s apps and services. With a big redesign expected for Chrome this month, Google Search would be the next biggest product to get a revamped look. New screenshots today show Google already testing the new design.

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Google Material Theme Stories August 29

Android Messages for web updated w/ various Google Material Theme tweaks

Google’s default RCS and SMS client has seen a number of big developments in recent months, like becoming the company’s primary consumer messaging solution. Android Messages for web is now picking up some design tweaks to match the Google Material Theme redesign on mobile.

Google Material Theme Stories August 26

Unceremoniously pulled a day after being introduced, the Google Material Theme for Android Messages is now returning. A new version of the app is beginning to roll out today with features like dark mode available once more.

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