Google Material Theme Stories November 15

The first wave of Google Material Theme redesigns was for Android clients, with web apps in recent weeks following. After Google Keep Notes last month, Google Photos on the web is now the next major site to be revamped with various Material Theme tweaks.

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Google Material Theme Stories November 12

Following last week’s encouragement that apps adopt dark themes to conserve battery life, Google Contacts is the latest Android client to gain one. In recent weeks, the company has been updating its communication apps, with Google Phone’s dark look already announced and in-development.

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Google Material Theme Stories November 9

Google Keep Notes adds more Material Theme tweaks, including color-matching nav bar

Last month, the Google Material Theme came to Google Keep Notes on Android as part of a sizable redesign. The web application followed shortly, with Google continuing to update the mobile client today with more Material Theme tweaks.

Google Material Theme Stories November 8

Users have long requested a dark theme within apps. With demand only rising due to the inherent brightness of the Google Material Theme, Google’s apps have begun to adopt night modes. Now, the company’s own research can quantify the battery savings involved with darker interfaces.

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Google Analytics updated with Google Material Theme tweaks on the web

The Google Material Theme is continually sweeping through the company’s Android apps, with some notable redesigns on the web with Google Keep and soon Contacts. Google Analytics is now the latest service to get some tweaks on desktop.

With Android Go, Google launched optimized ‘Go’ variants for Assistant, Maps, YouTube, and more. One of the more popular applications in the line is Files Go, with Google today dropping that moniker as part a Material Theme redesign.

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