HTC Aero Stories October 10, 2015


Yet another leak has shown up of the rumored HTC One ‘Aero’, also known as the One A9. HTC is expected to officially unveil the smartphone during a virtual event on October 20. Today’s leak comes via Steve Hemmerstoffer (aka @OnLeaks) and shows a dummy unit from virtually every angle, giving us our most clear look yet at the iPhone-like smartphone…

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HTC Aero Stories October 5, 2015

htc building

Continuing its trend from recent quarters, HTC has announced yet another loss-making financial period. The Taiwan-based tech company lost a total of NT$4.94 billion (approx $151M USD) after taxes and operating costs in the three month period ending in September. Overall revenue dropped nearly NT$12 billion ($367M USD) quarter-on-quarter to NT$21.4 billion ($655M), with a loss of NT$4.49 billion ($137M) before tax and costs…

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HTC Aero Stories September 23, 2015

HTC Aero

HTC’s expected to unveil at least one new smartphone before the end of the year, and this evening Evan Blass, better known as @evleaks, has shared images of an upcoming HTC device. No, the phones in the image above are not iPhones. They are HTC’s oft-rumored Aero device. The Aero is expected to be a mid-range device, and as you tell by the image above, it will come in 6 different color variants, three of which are very iPhone-esque.

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HTC Aero Stories August 25, 2015

Claimed leaked photos of HTC Aero/A9, echoing iPhone 6, likely fake

With HTC’s CEO Cher Wang having promised a new “hero product” in October, there have been a series of rumors about a new high-end smartphone variously labelled as the HTC Aero or HTC A9. Little is known at this stage, but a claimed photo of the device is currently doing the rounds – depicting a device bearing a marked resemblance to the iPhone 6.

It’s not impossible it’s genuine. While similar to the iPhone 6, the overall design is also not too dissimilar to the existing HTC One M9. As Tom Maxwell observed recently, the converged designs of modern smartphones is one of the reasons it can be difficult to tell fakes from the real thing.


But this photo does seem sketchier than most because it looks exactly like a fake image that appeared yesterday. That one was simply an iPhone 6 photo with the Apple logo replaced by an HTC one and a bit of tinkering with the camera. Given today’s photo appears to show exactly the same design, and is very low-quality, we’re taking it with a rather generous helping of salt.

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