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Android powered, nano-like wristwatch coming soon?


Android powered nano-like watch anyone? The video above from I’mWatch, a brand owned by Blue Sky, shows an interesting little Android powered touch screen with wristband, which eerily resembles the many third-party products available for turning Apple’s iPod nano into a similar accessory.

I’mWatch is a device that appears to be focused on connecting to your phone in order to provide quick reference to everything from incoming calls to emails, and Facebook and Twitter notifications. It does this by fastening an iPod nano-like, fully functional touch screen to the traditional wristwatch form factor. The site even mentions the ability to touch, drag, swipe or pinch”.

Mysteriously, a list of compatible devices mention the I’mWatch is compatible with iPhone 4, in addition to Android devices, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone 7. We haven’t seen an Android device that is able to interact with an iPhone or iOS like I’mWatch claims, so we’re skeptical about this so called iPhone 4 compatibility.

Italian designers beat Motorola, create head-turning Android wristwatch

A team of Italian designers have beatten Motorola to the Android wristwatch punch with an interesting-looking device dubbed  i’mWatch. Mike Elgan reports that the deviec runs an ARM9 IM233 chip and has 64MB RAM.

One of the i’mWatch’s features is that it relays information from incoming phone calls, even if you have an iPhone (which, if you want this watch, you don’t have…)