Media Streaming Stories November 23, 2014

Showtime Anytime for Android updated with Chromecast support

The Chromecast isn’t just for cord-cutters. Google’s popular media stick also extends its content streaming capabilities to cable customers as well. Less than a fortnight ago, the search giant announced that Chromecast support was coming to Showtime Anytime and the company has now made good on its word.

Media Streaming Stories June 6, 2014

Chromecast now available in Brazil, but it’ll cost you around $90

The Chromecast world tour rages on and its latest stop is Brazil. Google’s madia streaming dongle is now available in the land of Carnaval and while it’s known for being an affordable alternative to expensive set-top boxes, its price point in Brazil isn’t what we’re accustomed to seeing. Listed at R$199 (about $88.20), the Chromecast almost sounds like a luxury item. Such a high premium may sound strange, but history has taught us that most consumer electronics don’t come cheap in Brazil.

Media Streaming Stories May 28, 2014


Building off the success of its mobile apps, ClockworkMod aka Koush has announced AllCast for Chrome. Available today at the Chrome Web Store, this fresh baked software lets you share photos, audio and video from your mobile devices to anything running Chrome, like a desktop, TV or Chromebook. Now before you start queueing up a playlist of content, you’ll wanna make sure that you have the latest version of the AllCast mobile, which is set to hit Google Play later today. In the meantime, you can watch this up-and-comer in action to see what the future might hold for your mobile media collection.

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Media Streaming Stories May 27, 2014

Chromecast coming to Japan on May 28th

In order to take the world by storm, Google has to expand the Chromecast’s availability and that’s what the company appears to be doing. The media dongle recently became available in South Korea and tomorrow it’ll officially go on sale in Japan for  ¥4,200 (around $41). Local content providers such as Docomo will provide support for Chromecast, as well as Google’s in-house brands like YouTube and Google Play. to prepare Japanese customers for the Chromecast experience, Mountain View has released a promo video showing off some of its media stick’s capabilities. Here’s a look at what will be available in Japan starting tomorrow. 


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