Misfit Vapor Stories October 24, 2017

Misfit Vapor with Android Wear goes on sale October 31st for $199

After months of big changes, missed dates, and accidental launches, Misfit has today finally revealed when its first Android Wear device, the Misfit Vapor, will go on sale — October 31st.

Misfit Vapor Stories October 16, 2017

The Misfit Vapor is a smartwatch with an interesting background. It was first announced at CES with its own proprietary OS, but the company later decided to delay it and swap that out for Android Wear. Now, after months of missed goals and dozens of “vaporware” jokes, the company seems to finally be putting the watch on sale, and Amazon may have jumped the gun a little bit.

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Misfit Vapor Stories August 29, 2017

2017 has not been kind to Android Wear, and that’s thanks in big part to the disappointing release of Android Wear 2.0. What originally gave a lot of promise for the future of the platform turned out to be a flop, but it did stir up the hardware market. Since the update’s release, we’ve seen lots of new Android Wear partners. Today, we’re getting word on when two upcoming watches will be hitting the market.

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Misfit Vapor Stories August 16, 2017

Pickings for quality Android Wear watches are few and far between these days, and this is especially true if you want something with a relatively small/slim body. The Misfit Vapor is an upcoming Android Wear smartwatch that was first shown off at CES this January, but it looks like one of its hallmark features is now being axed..

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Misfit Vapor Stories March 23, 2017

Earlier this year at CES we first met the Misfit Vapor, the first actual smartwatch from Misfit. At the time, I was pretty interested in the watch, but was disappointed to learn that it would be running atop a completely proprietary OS. Now, it seems Misfit has changed its mind, revealing that the Vapor will instead run atop Android Wear 2.0 upon its debut.

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