Motorola offers $100 off an unlocked Moto X through Net10 Wireless

Motorola has announced an awesome deal on Twitter, offering the almost-year-old Moto X at a steep $100 discount. To take advantage of the $299 price, though, you’re stuck with getting the unlocked phone through Net10 Wireless.

Lucky for you, the phone won’t be stuck with any plain jane design; you can customize it as much as you like using the famed Moto Maker. If you’re fond of the famed wooden custom backplates, it’s only going to cost you an extra $25. As for cases, Motorola says that they’re 50% off with this deal.

The Moto X has seen many a price drop dating back to as far as November of last year. And it makes sense that Motorola would want to be pushing stock, as rumors of the Moto X + 1 are most definitely swirling.