Instagram Stories February 12

How to automatically post your Instagram photos as full images on Twitter using IFTTT

When you post photos on your Instagram account, there are options to share the images with your other social media accounts, including Twitter. Unfortunately, when you share them this way, all it does is tweet out an Instagram link. Using IFTTT, you can have your actual Instagram photos automatically shared on Twitter. Here’s how…

Instagram Stories February 11

How to automatically share your Instagram Story to Facebook on Android

If you’re working extremely hard to make content for your Instagram Story, you might as well share it on Facebook too, right? Well, you’re in luck because Instagram makes that extremely easy to do. Here’s how…

Instagram Stories February 1

How to use the new Instagram Stories Type Mode on Android

Instagram has today updated its app with a new Type Mode for Stories. Now, instead of just sharing a photo, you can type messages to people using different calligraphy themes.

Here’s how to use Type Mode on Android as well as all of its various features…

Instagram Stories January 28

How to add a GIF to your Instagram Story on Android

Recently, Instagram partnered with Giphy to allow its users to place GIFs on their stories. Here’s how to add GIFs to your photos or videos to make them stand out from the crowd…

Instagram Stories January 23

You can now share to Instagram Direct messages w/ Android’s direct share menu

One of the best parts of Android is sharing, as the default share menu makes it easy to send content to just about anything you’d want. Now, Instagram is making it easier to share content in direct messages with that menu.

How to disable your activity status in Instagram

Recently, Instagram has silently begun rolling out an update that lets your follows (that you follow back) to see the last time you opened up the social media application. Thankfully, there’s an option in the app’s settings that lets you disable your activity status. Here’s how…

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