Pete Lau Stories June 15, 2016

OnePlus Logo

Amidst the myriad of (relatively) new Chinese smartphone manufacturers, OnePlus certainly has made itself distinctive. Be it for past questionable marketing campaigns, now-fortunately-gone, infamous invite systems or, all in all, good products, the company can claim to have a special flair to it.

However, to keep that “uniqueness trend” going, the company is seemingly ditching any further plans that saw it working on sequels to its mid-range OnePlus X

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Pete Lau Stories October 9, 2015

OnePlus CEO teases ‘X’ device ahead of October 12 launch event

OnePlus has an announcement to make in India on October 12, in which it is expected to unveil its third phone, as well as a renewed focus on the Indian market. ThisĀ could mean products made in India, similar to a move made recently by Xiaomi, another Chinese manufacturer. Likewise, Motorola was also keen recently to show off its own India-based manufacturing plant. It’s clear then that this is the market to be focussing on, it’s developing at a break-pace as flagship components become available for lower prices.

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