s6 edge plus Stories September 21, 2015


If you don’t want to spend $50 for a case every time you upgrade your smartphone, you still have great options: cases with comparable quality are available for much less money if you do your research. One of the best brands for that is Poetic, maker of many accessories we’ve reviewed in the past and loved, and now the company’s high quality, sub-$20 cases are available for the latest lineup of flagship Android devices including the Galaxy S6 Edge and S6 Edge Plus, the S6 Active, and the new Galaxy Note 5.

The two new cases are updated versions of well-reviewed products that Poetic had available for previous generation devices, so unlike many other affordable cases, we already know what we’re getting into in terms of quality. expand full story

s6 edge plus Stories August 13, 2015

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge+ is an entirely new device to which we were recently introduced. This is Samsung’s new phablet that doesn’t include a stylus. So what makes this device so special? Honestly, I’m not sure. It’s literally a scaled up Galaxy S6 Edge. Nothing more, nothing less. If you wanted a larger device with curves, Samsung has you covered. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ features the same design when compared to the Note 5 and previous releases from Samsung this year. While that’s definitely not a bad thing, it means you’re stuck with the model you buy and everything is sealed inside…

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s6 edge plus Stories June 12, 2015

Samsung submits trademark application for ‘S6 Note’, possibly merging Note and Galaxy S lines

Earlier today we reported on continuing rumors that Samsung is working on a larger-screened version of its Galaxy S6 Edge. The device is set to be released before the next Note model, expected to be unveiled at IFA in September, and was up until just recently referred to as “Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.” Now, however, it’s been discovered that Samsung has filed for a trademark on the name “S6 Note.” The Galaxy S line is separate from the Note line of phablets, which is why this is interesting. We’re unsure whether or not this name is related to the rumored S6 Edge Plus.

It’s worth pointing out that large multinational corporations like Samsung obtain trademarks and patents very frequently that they never end up using at all— so you should probably take this trademark application with only a little more than a grain of salt. Under the Galaxy S line you already have the S6 Active and the S6 Edge, so the logical conclusion is that if Samsung really is developing an S6 Edge with the screen-size of the Note 5, and these two lines get ever closer to parity, it may make sense to just make the Note line a subset of the Galaxy S line as well. It’s just a theory, though.

We’ll see how this pans out later this year.

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