cases Stories October 10, 2018

It’s been clear in recent weeks that the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are coming to Japan. Today we learned that a taste of Japan is coming to the Pixel 3, with a series of cases designed to showcase the Tokyo art scene.

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cases Stories September 4, 2018

You’ve spent over $1,000 on the Note 9, so you’ll probably want to prevent any harm coming to it. The official case lineup has improved more than ever, but they are a little bit pricey. Let’s work out if they are worth your hard earned money and I’ll give you some cheaper alternatives if you don’t quite feel like paying a premium for a good-quality case.

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cases Stories November 7, 2016


While designed by Google, the Pixel and Pixel XL share more than a few similarities with current HTC devices. Besides appearance, it turns out the screen of both phones can be turned on/off when used with cases that feature embedded magnets in the cover…

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cases Stories May 31, 2016

Crystal Shell Spigen

Last week, Spigen sent over a few cases for the recently released HTC 10. That was great news for me, as I’ve been extremely hesitant to use the device as my daily driver without some sort of protection.

If the HTC 10 wasn’t so pretty and well designed it wouldn’t matter, but it’s a beautiful smartphone that I wish to keep in tip-top shape. As such, I was more than happy to take Spigen’s offerings for a test drive. Take a look at our hands-on video to see the cases in action. expand full story

cases Stories May 12, 2016


When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S7 Edge, they also showed off some official accessories. Some of them we’d seen before, while others have been redesigned to fit the Galaxy S7 Edge. I decided to check out the new S-View Cover, keyboard case and wireless charger built by Samsung specifically for its newer devices.

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cases Stories March 22, 2016


The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has been on the market for roughly a week, and in that first few days, we’ve been testing a number of third party cases to see which we think are the best. Thanks to the phone’s IP67 rating, we know the phone is already pretty well equipped to handle the elements, but a little extra protection from drops and scuffs is always a good thing.

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cases Stories February 29, 2016

9to5Toys Lunch Break: Galaxy S7/Edge cases from $5, UE MEGABOOM Bluetooth speaker $208, more

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Spigen Galaxy S7/Edge Cases in a variety of styles and colors for $5 shipped

UE’s popular MEGABOOM waterproof Bluetooth speaker is on sale for $208 shipped (Reg. $250+)

Beats by Dr. Dre Beats Studio Over-the-Ear Wired Headphones $150 shipped (Orig. $300)

This emergency flashlight can charge your phone, start your car, or help you break out of it: $80 shipped

Review: Audioengine turns it up to 11 with its newest Bluetooth HD6 powered speakers


Amazon Gold Box – Monitors, Wi-Fi routers, Storage & more up to 60% off: Dell 23-inch monitor $120 (Orig. $200), more


Grab the best-selling GoPro HERO4 Silver Action Camera for $299 (Reg. $330+), more

Aukey USB Accessories w/ Prime shipping: Bluetooth car audio receiver and charger $17, Dual USB solar charger $39


Victronix teases its new Cyber Tool fitness tracker for the popular INOX watch

Pokémon Sun and Moon on Nintendo 3DS confirmed, pre-orders now live

cases Stories February 24, 2016


Samsung only announced the Galaxy S7 a few days ago, but already a number of case manufacturers have been keen to get our attention. It’s no exaggeration to say there are hundreds of case options already available for the latest S-series flagships…

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cases Stories February 23, 2016

First official Samsung Galaxy S7 accessories revealed, translucent cover case shown off

Just announced this Sunday, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are available for pre-order today in the US. Some shops in the UK already have display units available and one has a hands-on video with the official Clear View Cover Case for the Galaxy S7.

cases Stories January 25, 2016

9to5Toys Last Call: Nexus 5X 16GB $300, Aukey Bluetooth & car adapters from $11, more

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Last Call Updates:

Google Nexus 5X 16GB + $20 Visa GC: $300 shipped (Reg. $370)

Google Nexus 5X 32GB + $20 Visa GC: $350 shipped (Reg. $370)

Aukey adapters: Bluetooth 4.1 Audio Receiver $11, Car FM Radio Transmitter $11

Apple 13-inch MacBook Air 1.6GHz/4GB/128GB (newest version): $800 shipped (Reg. $999)

Several refurbished 12-inch MacBook w/ Retina display models are now available from Apple

AirPrint Color Laser Printers: Brother $150 shipped (Reg. $200), Canon 3-in-1 $190 shipped (Reg. $250)


Media: New Blu-rays $10 – Jurassic World, Minions, more + BOGO offer


Spigen Hybrid/Wallet/Thin Fit Nexus 6 cases: $3.50 shipped (Reg. $6.49 and up)

Throw one hell of a Super Bowl party w/ this Samsung 60″ Smart 3D 4K UHDTV: $998 shipped (Orig. $1,800)

Game pre-orders for Amazon Prime members –Zelda, Far Cry Primal, FFXV: $48 ea (Reg. $60)


ComfyLight learns your routine and imitates your lighting patterns while you’re out

cases Stories December 24, 2015


With only a couple of months (or possibly weeks) left until Samsung reveals its Galaxy S lineup for 2016, a bunch of cases for the unreleased phone have shown up online. Some cheap cases now on sale from allegedly fit the S7 and S7 Plus…

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cases Stories December 2, 2015


Google makes a huge array of different products and a huge portion of the world uses Android every day. My two esteemed colleagues have covered the full breadth of Android and Google-y gifts for those you care about, but I’m doing just the bare essentials with my gift guide. Here we go…

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cases Stories December 1, 2015

OnePlus’ latest product is an iPhone case – Unboxing and Hands-on [Gallery]

Android smartphone maker OnePlus is no stranger to unusual marketing tactics. Whether it’s because it’ll only sell phones to those with an invitation, asks customers to trade in their iPhone or Samsung phones for one of its devices, or by leaving out features many Android fans love, it seems to promote discussion with whatever it does. Its latest move is equally interesting, to say the least…

cases Stories November 29, 2015

PSA: All Nexus 5X and 6P cases are 50% off on the Google Store

In addition to knocking $80 off all Nexus 5X models, the US Google Store is also discounting all cases for the latest Nexus devices by 50%. The discount is applied at checkout and covers the Nexus-branded Case and Folio, as well as those made by ADOPTED and Speck…

cases Stories September 29, 2015


Google just announced its latest Nexus phones, and with new devices always comes the opportunity for accessory-makers to get busy producing cases for the shiny new smartphones. There’s no shortage of options for the Huawei Nexus 6P or the LG Nexus 5X. Whether you’re looking for official cases available on Google’s store, or cheaper alternatives, you should be able to find something to suit needs. expand full story

cases Stories September 21, 2015


If you don’t want to spend $50 for a case every time you upgrade your smartphone, you still have great options: cases with comparable quality are available for much less money if you do your research. One of the best brands for that is Poetic, maker of many accessories we’ve reviewed in the past and loved, and now the company’s high quality, sub-$20 cases are available for the latest lineup of flagship Android devices including the Galaxy S6 Edge and S6 Edge Plus, the S6 Active, and the new Galaxy Note 5.

The two new cases are updated versions of well-reviewed products that Poetic had available for previous generation devices, so unlike many other affordable cases, we already know what we’re getting into in terms of quality. expand full story

cases Stories August 18, 2015


After first unveiling its new phablets five days ago, Samsung will start selling the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ smartphones this week. Some carriers will be selling it already, while others are waiting for the official August 21st release date. Chances are, you don’t want to take any risks with damaging your precious and ludicrously expensive smartphone. It may fare better than the S5 in drop tests, but it’s probably best for you not to test that, on purpose or by accident. With that in mind, check out some of the cases already announced by some of the best accessory makers around.

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cases Stories August 7, 2015

The LG G4 has been around for a couple of months now, and since launch there’s been enough time for a handful of case-makers to get their wares to market. Although there might not be as many options as there are for Galaxy S or HTC One owners, there are still a good few cases on the market which I think you should consider. Unless you have a leather-backed G4, in which case, don’t bother. All the cases in this list came with a warning that they aren’t compatible with the leather back, or will probably ruin it over time…

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cases Stories July 30, 2015

Purported 2015 LG Nexus cases leak, show protruding camera and possible fingerprint sensor on the back

A couple of days back we saw a leak purporting to show the outline, or silhouette of this year’s rumored LG Nexus device. It had two circular holes on the back, along with a more square-shaped cutout. We assumed at least one of the circular ones was for a camera, but were unsure of the purpose for the second hole. If these recent case leaks are genuine, it seems less likely that the secondary round cutout is for a camera. Rather, a fingerprint sensor.

cases Stories July 11, 2015



Despite the fact that smartphone and hardware manufacturers are pushing towards a wire-free utopia, we’re still no closer to ridding ourselves of pesky accessories, pens, earphones and other paraphernalia our smartphones seem to crave. Let’s face it, you don’t always want to carry around a huge backpack or messenger bag. And even when you do, you don’t want to have all your loose gear rattling around inside.

Waterfield Designs is a brand well known by bag aficionados, and one which has earned my attention and affection over the years. The Gear Pouch does nothing but make my appreciation for their wares stronger.

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cases Stories July 1, 2015

PSA: Skrillex Live Cases no longer available, giveaway and next collaboration incoming

Google announced back in May that it was introducing some new limited edition cases for a variety of popular Android devices, starting with a partnership with electronic music artist Skrillex. The cases sported unique modern designs, custom wallpapers to match, and even had a special button on the reverse side that could be programmed to launch basically any app or action on your Android phone.

If all of this sounds interesting to you, well, that’s too bad. They’ve been removed from sale on the Google Store as of today.

Notably, Google mentioned in its original post that it would be giving away the satellite—named Nanou—it used to create the Earth images used for the cases.

To capture the Earth images, Google and Skrillex launched a custom-designed balloon satellite named after Skrillex’s dog, Nanou. Once Nanou’s photographic mission is complete, a lucky fan will win the autographed satellite in an upcoming giveaway.

We’ll keep you updated and let you know when that giveaway is announced. Also coming up, we can assume that Google is introducing another round of custom cases to be sold exclusively on the Google Store. When these Skrillex cases were announced, Google said that it was just starting the Editions series of cases with Skrillex. Who knows what’s up next. “Stay tuned for the next collaboration. We can’t wait to tell you all about it,” the company said.

cases Stories April 21, 2015


Let’s face it: there are a lot of Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge cases out there. Even before Samsung’s latest devices hit stores, frontrunner case manufacturer Spigen had some cases ready to order. Now that the the phones are in stores, Spigen has a huge assortment of affordable cases to help you protect your shiny new smartphone.

Today we’re taking a look at Spigen’s best options for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge…

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cases Stories April 17, 2015

9to5Toys Last Call: Ooma VoIP Phone w/ Bluetooth $90, Galaxy Tab 3 $90, Moto X Dev. Edition $150, more

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Today’s can’t miss deals:

Amazon Gold Box – Ooma Telo Air VoIP Phone w/ Bluetooth Adapter $90 shipped (Orig. $180)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0″ Lite w/ Android 4.2, 8 GB: $90 shipped (Reg. $120)

Moto X Developer Edition (unlocked) 32 GB: $150 shipped (Reg. $350)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1″ 16GB Android tablet: $200 shipped (Reg. $299)

Up to $105 in paid Android apps for free: Amazing Alex, Plants vs. Zombies, many more

Acer 13.3-inch Chromebook (CB5-311-T9B0): $160 shipped (Reg. $229)

Acer 11.6-inch Chromebook (C710-2856): $150 shipped (Reg. $249)

Google Chromecast HDMI streaming media player (refurb): $20 shipped (Reg. $35)

Acer 11.6″ Chromebook Touchscreen (C720P-2661): $190 shipped (Reg. $245)

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 32 GB factory unlocked: $280 shipped (Reg. $500)

Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone 32GB (unlocked) GSM: $699 shipped (Reg. $899)

Best Buy offers additional $100 off Moto 360 with Android phone purchase

More new gear from today:

Intocircuit Power Castle 11200mAh Dual-USB Power Bank: $18 Prime shipped (Reg. $30)

  • New! Garmin nüvi 7-Inch GPS w/ Lifetime Maps (Cert Refurbished) $110 (Reg. $130)
  • New! Headphones: Sony over-ears (refurb) $50, 2 pairs Able Planet $20, more
  • New! Daily Deals: Insignia 28″ LED HDTV $180, Logi Wireless Keyboard $22, more
  • New! Games/Apps: FF Type-0 $40, LEGO Dimensions preorder $10 off, freebies, more
  • New! Samsung Galaxy Android Cam w/ WiFi (refurb) $210 shipped (Orig. $350)

More deals still alive:

LAST CHANCE! Review: SOL REPUBLIC’s Shadow wireless headphones w/ Bluetooth 4.0 offer an upgraded audio experience, $100 giveaway

New products & more:

OWC put a 480GB SSD in a pocket-size USB 3.0 Flash Drive

cases Stories November 28, 2014


If you own a Nexus 6 and you’re looking for some Google endorsed accessories, your options have just increased by one. The smartphone’s highly anticipated Stand Folio Case is now available from the Play Store for $40 with a warehouse departure time of one to two business days.

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cases Stories May 29, 2014

Luggage seller Samsonite buys device case maker Speck for $85 million

In its first non-luggage acquisition, Samsonite announced thursday that it is buying Speck products, maker of cases for a wide variety of mobile devices, for $85 million (via re/code).

cases Stories April 24, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 9.52.13 AM

If you recently picked up a shiny new Galaxy S5, there’s a good chance you’re looking for a great case or two. Luckily, there’s already a wide variety of accessories available to cover up your device without turning it into a brick.

We’ll take a look at the best five cases for the Galaxy S5 that will provide protection and/or style and not break the bank. The cases mentioned here are order by curent pricing/availability, but this will vary from day to day, so check out the associated links for more information.

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cases Stories December 11, 2012

photo 6

PureGear makes a bevy of highly rated products for mobile devices, and we at 9to5Google decided to test out some of its more popular cases and accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S III and subsequently help last-minute holiday shoppers with a few stocking stuffer ideas.

Also, 9to5Google is giving away two PureGear Slim Shell cases ($24.99 value each) in black and white/clear. So, check out the review roundup below, leave a comment, and we will contact the winners in 9to5Forums.

An image gallery is below.

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