Galaxy Note Stories June 13, 2016

Note 7

A number of leaks and renders in the past few weeks have revealed a great deal about Samsung’s next generation phablet. Now, a leaked invitation (via SamMobile) points to a Galaxy Unpacked event on August 2nd and alludes to a Galaxy Note 7, as well as an Edge variant.

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Galaxy Note Stories June 7, 2016

Samsung Rollable PanelNow that the “Smartphone 1.0” era is apparently coming to an end, manufacturers are rolling up their sleeves to try and figure out what comes next. Google is betting big with its Project Ara modular smartphone, but other OEMs, like Samsung, are taking a different path.

A report from Bloomberg is saying that the Korean giant may be working on two experimental devices with rollable and foldable screens, which may see the light of day as early as next year…

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Galaxy Note Stories June 6, 2016

Note 7

The follow-up to the Galaxy Note 5, America’s most loved phone, is coming.

There is a lot of confusion regarding both its name and the various potential shapes it is to come to the market with, but reliable leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer is continuously cluing us in, this time with new high-resolution images…

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Galaxy Note Stories June 3, 2016

Note 7The rumor mill for Samsung‘s next flagship seems to be unstoppable. Be it for its size, specs or configurations, it is undoubted that the Galaxy Note 6 — or Note 7, as we have now come to expect it — is polarizing a lot of interest.

Today, thanks to two of the most famous leakers in the tech space, we may have new information regarding its launch date as well as a detailed look at the device itself…

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Galaxy Note Stories June 2, 2016

note-5-top-feat-00_01_10_16-still156Among the common trends that seem to be picking up in mobile photography, we can certainly include the adoption of dual cameras: brands like LG and Huawei — with the G5 and P9 respectively — have in fact already brought dual-camera equipped, high-end terminals to the mainstream market.

Now, following numerous reports of Apple allegedly looking forward to entering the game, Samsung seems willing to join the part as well (via Pocket-Lint)…

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Galaxy Note Stories April 25, 2016

Galaxy Note 6 tipped with massive 5.8″ display and monster 4000mAh battery

It’s very hard for OEMs these days to keep devices secret up until their announcement, and flagships in particular tend to be under severe scrutiny. After the supposed implementation of an iris scanner in pre-production models, the Galaxy Note 6 is once again under the spotlight, with Dutch website GSM HelpDesk reporting that Samsung may be toying with two different versions…

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