Samsung Galaxy A12 Stories March 22

According to a new report, the most popular smartphone in the world for the year of 2021 wasn’t an iPhone, or a high-end Android phone, but rather Samsung’s affordable Galaxy A12.

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Samsung Galaxy A12 Stories April 7, 2021

After launching internationally last month, Samsung is bringing its new entry-level and mid-range smartphones to the United States. The 2021 Galaxy A series consists of five new smartphones ranging from $109 to $500 with a ton of new features, and they’re all launching this month.

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Samsung Galaxy A12 Stories March 11, 2021

Samsung Galaxy M12 brings 90Hz display to entry-level for $150

Samsung’s mid-range phones are the company’s bread and butter, and today a new option for the Indian market is worth some attention. The Galaxy M12 is a $150 Android smartphone with a huge battery, decent specs, and probably one of the most affordable 90Hz displays.

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