sideloading Stories January 5, 2017

Google posts direct download links to adb and fastboot tools for faster sideloading, flashing

The pre-requisite step in any guide to sideloading an OTA or flashing a factory image is installing the Android Device Bridge. Previously, the official way to get adb or fastboot was by downloading the entire set of Android Studio development tools. Google (spotted via Android Police) now conveniently provides a direct way to just download the platform-tools.

sideloading Stories December 19, 2013


Cyanogen Inc, the parent company of the Android-famous CyanogenMod has raised an additional $22 million dollars in Series B funding. The money comes on top of the $7 million the company raised earlier this year as it announced three months ago it had incorporated.

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sideloading Stories December 16, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 11.27.24 AM

If you weren’t interesting in forking over $1500 for a pair of Google Glass before, perhaps the addition of this new game will change your mind. The folks at Android Central just discovered a new game called Glass Hunt, developed by Derek Johnson and Jason Malashock.

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