Sony SmartWatch 2 Stories May 6, 2014

Sony’s SmartWatch 2 can now provide Instagram notifications

If you’re an Instagram user with a Sony Smartwatch 2, Sony has you covered. The snappily-named¬†Smart extension for Instagram app allows you to view notifications and read friends’ comments on your photos.

The app gets integrated into Smart Connect once installed. You can choose an update frequency ranging from 15 minutes to three hours, and the watch will then vibrate to indicate Instagram activity, displaying details on the display.

The app is a free download from the Google play store.

Sony SmartWatch 2 Stories June 25, 2013

More details on the smartwatch Sony was teasing last week have now been released, though it isn’t expected to be launched until September. No pricing is yet known.

As with the company’s previous watch, it’s designed to act as an accessory to an Android phone. Sony still isn’t telling us everything, but we do now have a name (the obvious if not overly imaginative Sony SmartWatch 2), photos and specs below the break …¬† expand full story

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