Spreadsheet Stories July 1, 2014

Hot on the heels of updating the Docs app for Android, Google has just started rolling out an update to Sheets on Android, as well. The update is packed full of changes, both feature-wise and in terms of design. The update comes just days after Google announced it was shutting down Quickoffice on iOS and Android and introduces several features formerly available in the mobile editing app.

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Spreadsheet Stories September 17, 2012

Google announced today on the Google Drive blog that it is updating Google spreadsheets with some new editing options and enhanced charts. The first update is the ability to click directly on any aspect of a chart to edit its colors, labels, legend, etc., without having to open the chart editor. The new quick edit mode (pictured above) will definitely make the app quicker and easier to use by providing the ability to edit the chart title, horizontal or vertical axis, legend, or any data series in just a few or less clicks.

Many chart types allow you to make formatting changes by clicking directly into the chart itself. Clicking anywhere in a line, area, bar, column, pie or candlestick chart, for example, will activate Quick Edit mode. You can then hover and click into specific areas of your chart that you’d like to modify… When you use Quick Edit, two buttons will appear in the top-left corner of your chart: View mode and Quick Edit mode. When you click into a chart, you’ll initially find yourself in Quick Edit mode. When you’re done making changes, click View mode.

You will also now be able to enter a Move and Resize mode that Google explained would allow you to “drag the edges of the chart and move it around to allow things like the legend labels to all fit on one line.” You can access the new resizing option (pictured below) by clicking the background of a chart and a selecting “Move and Resize”.

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Spreadsheet Stories May 17, 2011

One thing that keeps people on Excel is the ability to use Pivot tables.  Google today eliminated one more barrier to migrating to apps by implementing pivot tables today in Google Spreadsheets.

In essence, a pivot table does just that — it allows you to “pivot” or rotate data, thus looking at it from different angles and seeing a variety of patterns which may not be immediately obvious. Let’s take a very simple example of a list of students. This list includes a number of students and some information about them, including gender, class level, and major.

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