Hot on the heels of updating the Docs app for Android, Google has just started rolling out an update to Sheets on Android, as well. The update is packed full of changes, both feature-wise and in terms of design. The update comes just days after Google announced it was shutting down Quickoffice on iOS and Android and introduces several features formerly available in the mobile editing app.

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As you would expect, the update changes the aesthetics of the app to fit into Google’s new Material Design theme, in addition to of course Android “L.” There is now a floating new document button that allows you to create a new file from anywhere within the app. The update also introduces full support for formulas, something that many power users have been longing for since day one. In previous version of Sheets, you could enter formulas, but it had to be done manually. Now, however, you can select a formula from a list, much like on most desktop spreadsheet apps. The update also introduces the ability to view files that are in the Excel format, in addition to the ability to export files in that format.

Next up, the update finally adds support for charts, including, pie graphs, line graphs, and bar graphs. Although, this comes with a catch, as you can’t edit charts on Android, only view them. Finally, Sheets now finally supports auto-fill. This means, much like on the desktop, you can drag the corner of a cell to auto-fill an area based on your previously entered data.

The update to Sheets on Android is rolling out now through the Play Store, so be sure to keep an eye out for it to hit your device.

(via Android Police)

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