status Stories June 9, 2016


Gmail is experiencing downtime this afternoon as some users are having issues with receiving messages and accessing their account. Google confirmed the issue on its apps status page and said it was investigating reports as of 1:56PM EST.

The company provided a later update at 2:46PM EST today noting that it’s continuing to investigate and confirming it’s discovered that “some messages sent to consumer Gmail accounts are being rejected due to authentication enforcement.”

Google plans to provide another update by 3:46PM EST with more details on when it expects to resolve the issues.

We’ll keep you posted here with further updates and let us know in the comments below if you’re still having problems with your account.

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status Stories July 16, 2014

Google+ Hangouts experiencing outage for some users, Google investigating

In case you were wondering why Hangouts isn’t working this afternoon: Google reports it has been experiencing outages for Google+ Hangouts since earlier today. The company has been providing updates on its app status page but is yet to resolve the issue.

Google says the “the problem affecting a significant subset of users” and that some “will not be able to start new video hangouts.”  The company’s most recent update notes that the issue is ongoing mostly for users in Europe.

We’ll update here once the problem has been resolved.

status Stories September 23, 2013

Gmail and Google Drive affected by Google Apps downtime

Google Apps experienced some downtime today, bringing down Gmail and parts of Google Drive for about an hour. During the downtime, Google Apps customers were unable to send or recieve emails (or experienced delays in doing so) or use the docuement and slideshow creation tools.

Everything appears to be running smoothly now, however. Google has not yet said what caused the downtime.

status Stories September 29, 2011

For those of you who manage a lot of sites, Google’s latest addition to Webmaster is sure to benefit you. Tonight, Google has announced a new Webmaster tool that allows you to see if you’re site is in good standing — to make sure there aren’t any issues. As you can see above it’s pretty simple. Here’s what Google checks for:

  1. Have we detected malware on the site?
  2. Have any important pages been removed via our URL removal tool?
  3. Are any of your important pages blocked from crawling in robots.txt?



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