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Google gets with the times, gives its text ads a facelift


When it comes to tech on the web, Google is typically a trendsetter, but even the most revolutionary companies miss a beat every now and then. Perhaps in an effort to get with the times, the software giant has announced some new designs for its text-based web ads. Recognizing that people are browsing the web across multiple devices, Google has adopted a new font and color scheme that should make its text ads easier to digest. These ads now default to a blue and grey layout with a Roboto font. Google is also aware that some people only visit the internet from mobile devices, so with finger tapping in mind, the company has resized its call-to-action button, making it user-friendly. While these new additions won’t likely stop abrasive advertisers from going too far, it does make some ads easier on the eyes and that’s a good thing, right?