TrackingPoint Stories June 30, 2014


Precision guided firearm maker TrackingPoint has already demonstrated Glass being paired with guns and today the outfit is literally taking things further. The smart-weapon company recently published a video of its ShotView software being used to broadcast a rifle’s image feed through a set of Smith Optics I/O Recon goggles laced with Android. In this demonstration a marksmen is tasked with hitting an explosives-filled soda bottle from 500 yards away without looking directly through his scope.

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TrackingPoint Stories June 4, 2014


When engaged in a firefight, soldiers often have t0 break cover to take a shot at a target. This almost always puts them in harm’s way and can possibly result in severe injury or even death. There has to be a better way, right? Precision guided firearm maker TrackingPoint sure seems to think so. The company is currently tinkering with Google Glass and is working on pairing its ShotView mobile app with Mountain View’s wearable.

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